Ilkeston - Beating Retreat
w/e 24 June 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The ceremony was the first event in Erewash to commemorate the centenary of the ending of the First World War. Other events will take place as the year progresses.

Ilkeston Brass

As the invited guests arrived at the Town Hall for the Beating Retreat and Sunset Ceremony, Ilkeston Brass played to the assembling crowd from in front of the War Memorial.
Military Vehicles

At the other end of the Market Place several military vehicles were on display alongside a number of stalls from various branches of the Armed Forces.

Army and Air Force Cadets formed a Guard of Honour from the Town Hall entrance to the Main Arena.

A piper waited patiently for the Civic Party to emerge and then led the procession to their reserved seats.
GEM Connection

Everyone was then treated to a performance by the GEM Connection Barbershop Chorus.
RBL Flags

Representatives of the Royal British Legion stood proudly at the edge of the arena as the Nottinghamshire Band of the Royal Engineers marched into the arena and presented a programme of marching and music.
Civic View

The Civic Party of course had a grandstand view.
Royal Engineers Band

And the invited guests had a similar view of the Nottinghamshire Band of The Royal Engineers from their adjacent seats.

With his baton blurring with swift movements the Bandmaster led the musicians through their programme that included items as varied as Prokofiev's "Montagues and Capulets" and Freddie Mercury's "Fat Bottomed Girls" to conclude with "The Last Post" and "The National Anthem".
Quick March

With the sun setting and shining through the trees, the event came to a close on a balmy summer's evening as the Band left the arena to the strains of "The Royal Engineers Quick March".

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