Ilkeston - Kirk Hallam Daffodils
w/e 15 April 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490


Well until Saturday, it was a grey week with overcast skies, plenty of rain and drizzle and even mist verging on fog on a couple of days. There was a sign of brightness in the garden but even that was an unwelcome visitor - dandelions are flowering!

It's been so miserable though that even the daffodil buds in the garden were reluctant to open. Maybe if we went further south in the country it would be better.

And we didn't have to go that far south, just to Kirk Hallam in fact where I found this row of daffodils among the gravestones in the churchyard.
Near Vine Farm Close

Just up the road from Kirk Hallam Church on the green verge near Vine Farm Close, the daffodils were certainly far more advanced than those in our garden.
By The Footpath

At Ladywood School also a little further on there are at least two varieties visible from the road on the bank by the footpath that leads through to Oliver Road.
At Ladywood School

These, also at the school, appear to be all the same variety. I think I need to get a different, that is earlier flowering, variety for our garden.
Slip Road

Even further on past the Cat and Fiddle pub, the slip road off Ladywood Road is flanked by a bank full of flowers.
Towards Derby

From the same place but looking in the opposite direction towards Derby right on the edge of Kirk Hallam, the contrast between the pure yellow trumpets of one variety and the yellow and white of another is clear to see.
Depedale Avenue

But the pièce de résistance in Kirk Hallam has to be the central reservation on Depedale Avenue. The daffodils in the bed above the intersection with Windermere Avenue are still coming into flower and will be brightening the area for quite a while yet.
A Host

Those at the bottom of the hill though between Windermere Avenue and St Norbert Drive look so good they deserve a second picture as they look splendid right now. A collection like this is probably what William Wordsworth would describe as a host.

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