Moorgreen - Beauvale Priory
w/e 08 April 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Beauvale Priory

It was back in 2004 that I took a similar photo to this of Beauvale Priory from New Road. Back then in the Monks Way series I wrote "the Priory now stands on private land and this is as close as it is possible to get without trespassing."

In 2006 however Ann and Tony Whyte bought Beauvale Abbey Farm " with the intention of leading a quiet
self-sufficient life." In the following three years after being approached by English Heritage the Priory ruins were consolidated and made it safe to open up the site to visitors. So eighteen years after that visit for the Monk's Way series we were able to join many other visitors - and a peahen (bottom right corner) - in the farmyard.
Beauvale Abbey Farm

We are now able to pass two holiday cottages and make our way through the farm to the ruins.

In 2004 I wrote quite a bit about the history of the Priory but rather than repeat that you could always revisit Part 3 of the Monk's Way series here or go to the Beauvale Priory site and read the History section.

On our way back from the ruins to the farmyard our path was crossed by a peacock, probable mate to the peahen we saw earlier although there were several more peahens around the farm.

But in the farmyard itself as we returned, lambs were the main attraction. Several of them were moving about between the visitors and they were all triplets that had been removed from their mothers and hand reared to ensure they all received an adequate supply of milk. Usually when three lambs are born to one mother, one of them misses out at feeding time.

A bicycle made for two? They weren't planning an escape but just taking an interest in any and everything.
Feeding Time

It was actually feeding time much to the delight of all the children present who took it in turns to hold the bottles.
Tea Rooms

And it wasn't just feeding time for the lambs as the Gatehouse Tea Rooms were doing a good trade.
Tea For Two

It would have been rude not to join them especially as my wife have been treated with a voucher for a luxury "Tea For Two" on Mothering Sunday last month. It's a good job she was willing to share - all that cream would have been far too much for one person!

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