Ilkeston - Fighting Back
w/e 18 March 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The so called "Beast from the East" weather returned this weekend but since its last visit Mother Nature and spring have been fighting back and plants have started to blossom and bloom. that called for a visit to some of our usual haunts to monitor the progress.


We began at Stanton Road Cemetery and we were quite apprehensive when seeing the daffodils near the entrance still tightly in bud. At the far end of the cemetery however crocuses were more advanced although not as proficient as in previous years.

In the shelter between two graves two rows of daffodils were only slightly more advanced than those at the entrance.

Our next port of call was Victoria Park where we found some of the trees starting to blossom.

One bed of daffodils planted on the bank below the bandstand by the Council's Green Space Team aided and abetted by Chaucer Junior School's Gardening Club a few years ago are coming into flower but those in another bed further to the right are still to put in an appearance.
By Bristol Rd

The crocuses along the edge of the park by Bristol Road are doing their best to brighten up the area although we have seen better displays at this time of year.
Crocuses & Snowdrops

As if to reinforce the fact that things are not as well advanced this year as in some previous years, snowdrops are also still flowering alongside the crocuses.
Remembrance Garden

Miniature daffodils are braving the conditions by the steps to the Remembrance Garden and Cantelupe Centre in the Market Place even though some do look a little bedraggled blown by the cold wind.

Those sheltered by the large memorial in St Mary's Churchyard are faring better.

As are those on the mound near the Derby College Ilkeston Campus at the junction of Pimlico and New Lawn Road. The building in the background is the large town centre water pumping station.
By Cantelupe Rd

Our final visit on this whistle stop tour around the town centre was 'Illy 'Oleys where the islands of colour by Cantelupe Road look good from this distance but even here a closer view reveals that there are some significant gaps.

Snow covered daffodils in St Mary's Churchyard.

The cold weather and water saturated ground has certainly had an impact this year but as the days progress and warmer weather returns we can only hope that nature will do its wonderful work and produce some beautiful displays come the summer. How the flowers will cope with this weekend's weather though as seen in these two pictures of the snow covered daffodils in St Mary's Churchyard on Sunday morning, only time will tell.
The "Beast" is back!

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