Kimberley - The Stag
w/e 11 March 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Knowle Hill

There's a steep hill off Nottingham Road, the main road through Kimberley, which is called Knowle Hill. Previously it led to Swingate but since the construction of the A610 access to Swingate is only possible by means of a pedestrian footbridge high over the new road. The road sign at the bottom of the hill also says it leads to the "Chapel on the Hill"
The Stag Inn

Facing up Knowle Hill is The Stag Inn parts of which date from 1737.
Inn Sign

The inn sign shows a majestic beast in a striking pose.
Stag Football Ground

A footpath by the side of The Stag Inn leads behind a football ground which is also called by that name and the former Kimberley Town Football Club that folded in 2012 who were also known as The Stags played their home matches here. The ground is now used by the Kimberley Town Miners Welfare club.
Larkfields Estate

Many years ago I walked along this path into the Larkfields Estate many times, usually on Sunday afternoons to visit relatives who lived there.

On this occasion however I turned off that path to follow another by the side of the The Stag ground.
Play Park Sign

At the far end of the path is a brightly coloured sign that welcomes visitors to the Stag Play Park.
Play Equipment

The park has a good selection and variety of play equipment.
Chapel on the Hill

Walking past the Play Park back to the main road, the "Chapel on the Hill" is visible high on the skyline. The chapel is in fact at Kimberley Cemetery and stands at this lofty point overlooking the town.
Roots Emporium

The drive from the Stag Ground and the Play Park meets Nottingham Road at the side of Roots Emporium, a handy micro-pub in a converted furniture and gift shop which no doubt attracts spectators attending football matches staged on The Stag ground as well as its usual clientele.

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