Ilkeston - Beastly Weather
w/e 04 March 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

With the cold wind blowing in from Siberia and bringing snow with it, the weather system became known as "The Beast From The East" whilst later in the week Storm Emma (as named by the Portuguese Met Office) approached the UK from the south west. That brought more snow and icy conditions. Sandwiched between the two Ilkeston escaped the worst of it although it was cold and we did get some snow. To be honest I've known much worse conditions in these parts but this selection of images all taken on Thursday show the town when the "Beast" met Storm Emma which I'm surprised nobody called "The Pest From the South West".


Must say the snow makes some picture postcard views even if it is of the chapels at Park Cemetery.

It's usual to see the arch between the chapels from the other side but this view from the back of the chapels shows Park Avenue through the gates.
'Illy 'Oleys

Across Cantelupe Road from the cemetery is Chaucer Old Park or 'Illy 'Oleys and this was probably one of the busiest place in the town on Thursday with children enjoying riding their sledges down the slopes.
Town Centre

In contrast the centre of the town was almost deserted.
Thursday Market

This meat trader was the sum total of the Thursday market.

The notice board at the side of the library is displaying a "What's On" leaflet but in this weather the answer is probably "Not much."
Post Box

Nearby the post box outside the former main Post Office is a reminder that even though schools and some businesses were closed, the mail still has to be delivered. We even saw a postal worker walking round wearing shorts!
Side Streets

Most of the main roads were clear but side streets, like Queen St and Queen's Drive beyond, were snow and ice covered due to the lack of traffic even though some had been gritted.

The severe weather meant that refuse collection had to be cancelled due to health and safety issues. These bins full of recyclable materials won't be emptied any time soon until revised collection dates come into play - weather permitting.

Finally the expression that says "Why did you bring me out in this weather?" but she loved it really.

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