Trowell & Cossall - Nottingham Canal
w/e 04 February 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Erewash Valley Trail Board

An amble along the towpath of the disused Nottingham Canal between Trowell and Cossall that measured less than half a mile in total hardly warrants being labelled a "walk"as such but that's what we did on a section of the 30 mile Erewash Valley Trail.


We parked on the small car park at the corner of Cossall Lane from where we could see some of the houses in Cossall Village in the distance.
Squeeze Style

Heading towards Cossall we left the car park through the squeeze style to access the towpath. The car park was actually built on the line of the canal.
Rushes & Reeds

The path continues alongside the canal which, although containing water, is overgrown with rushes and reeds.

Over to the left intermittent gaps in the hedgerow allow views of Ilkeston across the Erewash Valley.

Only a couple of hundred yards from the car park a footbridge crosses the canal to a lay-by off Cossall Road where there are also a couple of benches on the grassy bank creating a small secluded picnic area.

Beyond the footbridge are more reeds and rushes but the water in the disused canal becomes more apparent.

So much so that there is enough of it for ducks to be swimming on it too.

A similar distance from the car park to the footbridge took us to a signpost pointing across what is known as Tormentil Field. Tormentils are small buttercup like flowers.
Tormentil Field

I climbed over the style onto the footpath for this view across the field. The path acts as a shortcut linking the towpath by the side of the canal which loops round at a constant level. A drain runs along the middle of the field and as can be seen here the ground is waterlogged so the drier but longer towpath route is the better option in such conditions.

It was at this point that I climbed back over the style to stroll back to the car park in the failing light and falling temperatures. Despite how it appears in these pictures it was quite a dull afternoon.

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