Ilkeston - Kirk Hallam Lake
w/e 31 December 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Early in 2017 we paid a visit to Straw's Bridge Nature Reserve to "Feed The Birds" and we ended the year in similar fashion when we called in again. This time the car park was nearly full and someone was already there feeding the birds so a quick rethink took us to Kirk Hallam instead.

Reception Committee

As we pulled up on Godfrey Drive at the lake we were met by a welcoming committee.
Feathered Friends

Word soon got round that we had a bag of mixed corn and we were soon surrounded by feathered friends of various species.
Lake & Meadows

Leaving the birds to tuck in we followed the path down to the lakeside passing the notice board for "Kirk Hallam Lake & Meadows".

Following the lakeside path in an anti-clockwise direction we headed towards the Kirk Hallam Community Academy. When the Lakeside Festival takes place here during the summer, we usually but not always circle the lake in the opposite direction and the path is lined with gazebos and charity stalls.
Lock Wall

At the far side of the lake the stone wall indicates the former position of a lock on the Nutbrook Canal.
Being Followed

We dropped some more food for the birds near the lock wall and as we moved on noticed that we were being followed!
Nut Brook

The path continues between the lake on the left and the Nut Brook to the right which lends its name to both the Canal and the Nutbrook Trail between Long Eaton and Heanor.

As we rounded the lake and headed back to our starting position, the birds were still lined up waiting for more opportunities to eat from possible passing sources of nourishment.
Flying Squad

We were soon spotted and the flying squad arrived alerting others to our position.
Here They Come

And it didn't take long as the other birds arrived from all directions to finish off the bag of food.

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