Ilkeston - Snowy Victoria Park
w/e 17 December 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I was once said to someone that there's always a picture in Victoria Park whatever the weather or whatever the season and this selection from the recent snowy spell shows that there's actually more than just one.

Play Area

I started this short walk around the park from the Manners Road side and walked past the Play Area which for once was completely deserted.
The Gap

I continued through the gap towards the bandstand.
Single Bench

There was no problem finding an empty seat today in the park but it wasn't ideal weather to sit and enjoy the view however picturesque it was.

Approaching the restored bandstand I climbed the steps to the entrance gate for a close up of one of the crests that decorate the fencing.

Performers on the bandstand can enjoy three hundred and sixty degree views of the park - this is just one of them.
Arcing Seats

More empty park benches arc around the bandstand and when performances are being held finding a seat here is at a premium.

Leaving the bandstand I walked through the pergola.

At the far end of the pergola I looked back and wondered if anyone had thought the slope would be a good place for sledging - avoiding the trees of course!
Central Beds

The central beds were all covered with snow but the vehicle at the far end showed that even in these conditions there is still work to be done by the Council workers to maintain the park.
Low Sun

For this final shot I broke one of the rules of photography and looked directly towards the setting sun but its low position in the sky highlighted the humps and hollows of the buried flower beds.

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