Ilkeston - Autumn's Here
w/e 15 October 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

There is still a lot of green about on the trees but as autumn takes hold there's also a lot of seasonal colour to be seen too. This selection of images takes us across the town centre from Old Park to Victoria Park.

Cemetery Gates

About the turn of the twentieth century Park Avenue led directly to the cemetery gates in Old Park Ward where the road branched either side to form Park Crescent. The road seen here where the white car is still bears that name but the trees that would only have been saplings then are now fully mature.
Cantelupe Road

By 1915 Park Crescent on the other side of the cemetery gates had been extended to become Cantelupe Road around the boundary of the cemetery and the land on the left was known as Old Park Recreation Ground. The hills and holes left by former mineral mining on the site resulted in locals calling it Hilly Holeys and local dialect soon dropped the "H"s . Even today it's still 'Illy 'Oleys.
'Illy 'Oleys

The hills and holes are still apparent but it's the colours of the trees that draw the eye at this time of year.
Fallen Leaves

During the summer months the trees lining the path up to the town centre form a virtual dark tunnel but as the path gets covered with fallen leaves it becomes much brighter.
Chaucer Old Park

The Council in their wisdom renamed Old Park Recreation Ground and called it Chaucer Old Park but although 'Illy 'Oleys remains as such to people of my generation, Chaucer Old Park extends beyond there to include a much wider area down to the boundary of Chaucer Junior School which can be seen here in the middle of the image.
Victoria Park

Crossing to the other side of the town centre, a carpet of leaves is already covering much of Victoria Park whilst the trees are displaying a lovely variety of colours.

The pergola for quite a while was surrounded by fencing as refurbishment took place but now, fully restored, has already become an attractive feature and looks splendid in its autumn setting.
Raywood Ash

The Tree Trail through the park identifies several notable trees, one of which is the Raywood Ash. This species was introduced from Australia and its fine feathery leaves turn dark red in the autumn. This one in Victoria Park is well on the way at the moment.
Old & New

Most of the trees in the park are mature but there are some young ones too but whether old or new they all add to the hues of the season.

It's not just in the town's parks that we can appreciate the colours. Whilst waiting for a bus on Wharncliffe Road, I was struck by the leaves on a tree by the Town Hall which encapsulate the change from summer to autumn - a change we can all enjoy if we care to look.

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