Ilkeston - Classic Memories
w/e 20 August 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Classic Vehicles

It might seem odd to say that the town centre was closed to through traffic last Sunday when it was actually full of vehicles but it was to enable the Classic Car and Heritage Vehicle Show to take place. The event was very similar to previous Shows but here are a few of the vehicles that caught my eye.


There were big American cars, this Buick being just one of them.

In direct comparison to the Buick and parked quite close to it was a much smaller Italian Fiat. Strange to think that despite their size difference they both serve to get from A to B.
Military Vehicles

Bigger than both the Buick and the Fiat together were some of the military vehicles on display. Impressive but hardly economical to nip down to the supermarket for the weekly shop!

At the other end of the scale were a selection of Motorbikes.
Bond Bug

And I'm not quite sure how to classify this vehicle complete with trailer/caravan but the sign in the windscreen said Bond Bug and Wikipedia tells me "The Bond Bug is a small British two-seat, three-wheeled automobile which was built from 1970 to 1974, initially by Bond Cars Ltd and subsequently by the Reliant Motor Company."

As well as all the vehicles there was a marquee outside the Library full of "Arts, Crafts and Gifts".
Rocks and Frocks

Entertainment was not in short supply either with Ilkeston Brass in the morning providing live music outside the Town Hall and Rocks and Frocks (pictured) in front of the Memorial Garden in the afternoon. Erewash Sound were in attendance all day broadcasting from outside the Town Hall.
Steam Engine

Commercial and agricultural vehicles were grouped on the Pimlico Car Park, sports cars both old and brand new could be seen at various places and steam engines garnered a lot of interest on Wharncliffe Road.
Ford Van

Most vehicles were in their original livery but others like this Ford van were highly decorated.
Model T

Such decoration though on cars like this 1926 Ford Model T Four Door Sedan would have looked totally out of place.

Classic Memories

There were various stalls at the event and some local businesses that normally close on Sundays opened their doors to serve the large contingent of sightseers and enthusiasts that attended the event. Among the many vehicles these three brought back many memories of my Dad. In 1960 he didn't have a car of his own but borrowed one like the Austin on display at the Erewash Museum to take us on holiday to Devon. That was before the advent of motorways and with me navigating it was such a lengthy journey and, suffering as he did with rheumatoid arthritis, he had to take a break from double de-clutching for a nap by the roadside.

Although he worked for Barton Transport (and there was a selection of Barton's vehicles at the Show) we would often catch the Swingate bus run by rival company Midland General to visit his sister and her family for Sunday afternoon tea.

The third vehicle that reminded me of him was a Ford Anglia with the distinctive cut back rear window. He eventually owned one of these and I took him, my mother and my wife out one Sunday evening for a drive around the local area. It was the first time I'd been behind the wheel of his "new" second hand car and he had only owned it a few days. Whilst driving slowly along a country lane a local farm boy in a pick up truck drove head on into us. I braked, stopped and my life passed before my eyes as we sat waiting for the impact. I'm surprised he ever let me borrow the car after that but he knew it wasn't my fault as he was sitting next to me.
Classic vehicles and classic memories.

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