Ilkeston - Fruit, Vegetables & Flowers
w/e 06 August 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I didn't have to go far for this set of images but spent no more than twenty minutes in our garden.


There's a lot of foliage on the row of potatoes down the border. Only twenty planted but if the crop replicates the growth above ground there should be a reasonable return.

The sunflowers are approaching five feet high but haven't burst into bloom yet.

We've just started picking runner beans and there's plenty more to come.

The blackberries too are starting to ripen and as they are a thornless variety are quite easy to pick.

This was going to be a picture of raspberries but I got distracted by a butterfly on the leaves before I found the fruit.

The rhubarb was ready for picking as usual at the end of April but the dry weather meant it died down before being revived by more recent rainfall. We've already made rhubarb and ginger jam, rhubarb crumbles and there will probably be more sessions in the kitchen with different recipes before the season ends.

Tony's apple tree at the bottom of the garden has spread over the fence and the branches are weighed down with fruit. I wonder if he knows. He'll probably say "Help yourself" but I guess we ought to tell him.

It's not just fruit and vegetables in our garden. Working our way back up the other side there are many different flowers, geraniums, cornflowers, primulas, azaleas, fuschias and others I can't remember the names of but pictured here is a lone anemone among several love-in-a-mist plants.

The lavender is also proving a great attraction to more butterflies and a multitude of bees. Someone is going to have lavender flavoured honey no doubt.

But back at the top of the garden, we have our greenhouse and the tomatoes are starting to crop quite heavily. Yes the weather is always a talking point but this year it seems to have been to the liking of all the flowers, fruit and vegetables in our garden.

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