Derby - Poppies and Peregrines
w/e 18 June 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The "Weeping Window" section by Paul Cummins (artist) and Tom Piper (designer) from the "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red" installation that graced the Tower of London in 2014 is currently on display at the Silk Mill Museum in Derby.

River Derwent

We approached the Silk Mill from the Exeter Bridge over the River Derwent.
Poppy Path

The path by the side of the river is lined with painted poppies directing people to the museum.
Weeping Window

The very impressive "Weeping Window" installation tumbles from the highest point of the Silk Mill and spreads out at the bottom where visitors stand in awe and reflect on those who gave their lives in World War One. Each poppy in the original work represented a life lost in the conflict.
Bakewell's Gates

The "Weeping Window" is a temporary installation and is in Derby until July 23rd . Robert Bakewell's wrought iron gates that were repositioned at the side of the museum near to their original position will still be here to view once the handmade pottery poppies have been removed.
Blue Plaque

The tumbling poppies skirt the blue plaque at the museum's entrance.

Inside the Silk Mill, mementoes and souvenirs that were available to be purchased included mugs, scarves emblazoned with poppies and Little Willie Beer with labels depicting the WW1 tank that went by that name. An area was set aside for "Remember & Reflect" cards could be written and posted on the wall.


It was heartening to read some of the cards that were written by visitors not only from the Derby locale but from places all over the UK and abroad. I saw one from Italy, another from America and all generations were represented with cards, as shown for example in the picture top left, written by a nine year old and another by someone aged 66. In an adjacent room a craft area enabled children to create art work and display it on the walls around the Rolls Royce engine.
Rolls Royce Engine

The Rolls Royce Eagle Aero Engine too is number one on a Trail around Derby highlighting monuments and stories relating to the First World War. This engine was developed to power aircraft in that conflict following a request from the Government. The "Weeping Window" and Bakewell's Gates are also visible from this room.

We left the Silk Mill and passed the foot of the outstanding artwork making our way onto Cathedral Green. A steady stream of visitors continued to arrive to see the installation.
Cathedral Green

Derby Cathedral is currently undergoing some restoration work and the roof is completely covered but the crowd assembled on the Green were more interested in the tower.

The reason for the interest is the small platform on the tower which is where peregrine falcons nest. The group looking up at the tower included members of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust complete with telescopes but I was able to capture this image of one adult and two chicks with the aid of the zoom on the camera. The video cameras fixed to the platform show live webcam feeds.

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