Ilkeston - The Rec
w/e 28 May 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Rutland Sports Park

After a week of glorious weather, hot sunny days and cloudless skies, the wind got up on Saturday, rain fell in the morning and the temperature dropped. It was only to be expected - it's a Bank Holiday weekend! With no new photos to share we made our way to the Rutland Sports Park as these two signs proclaim from the Oakwell Drive car park.
West End Drive entrance

A similar sign greets visitors from the West End Drive entrance.
Tennis Centre

The "Rutland Sports Park" name is reinforced on the Tennis Centre which was built over the old terracing and outdoor tennis courts.
Old Pavilion

In the redevelopment of the ground the terracing in front of the old 1925 pavilion was removed and replaced with two flights of steps plus another name board.

Whereas people previously could sit on the pavilion terracing, they now assemble on the grass to watch the cricket but the sign leaves them in no doubt as to where they are.
The Cricket Match

At one time of day County Cricket matches were played here lasting three days with huge crowds occupying all sides of the ground. Now it's just local teams playing one-day games.
New Pavilion

The Rutland Sports Park Pavilion through which access is gained to the all weather football pitches and which contains a gym sits on the opposite side of the ground to the Tennis Centre although the cricketers still use the old pavilion.

The modern scoreboard on the wall of the Tennis Centre replaced the hand operated free standing board some years ago.
Then & Now

It was from the free standing scoreboard that tickets could be bought and equipment hired by the general public for a game of pitch and putt (top left) on a six hole course or a game of putting on an eighteen hole course (top right). Both facilities have now been lost. You could also pay for a game of bowls or an hour's tennis. The tennis courts behind the Tennis Centre have been converted to cricket nets (bottom right) which, like the bowling green (bottom left) are securely locked behind security fences. It would appear that these days if you want to enjoy many of the facilities on the Rutland Sports Park you either have to belong to a Club or pay an annual subscription.
The Rec

I suppose all the changes are what commonly passes for "progress" but nostalgia longs for the old days when you could just turn up, pay your dues and enjoy a game of whatever took your fancy. The signs for the Rutland Sports Park are everywhere but the lintel on the old access at the corner of Oakwell Drive and West End Drive where cricket fans queued to enter the ground for those County matches, is still inscribed "Rutland Recreation Ground". For me and many more of my age, it doesn't matter how many signs there are, the Rutland Sports Park will always be simply "The Rec".

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