Nottingham - Lakeside & Rhod-side
w/e 14 May 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Excuse the play on words but on our latest visit to Highfields Park at Nottingham we started our short walk by the lakeside but returned via University Boulevard between the road and the park. This was in order to get a closer look at the rhododendrons that line the edge of the park - hence Lakeside and Rhod-side.

Pavilion Café

We squeezed into the only remaining parking space on either of the two car parks and before beginning our stroll enjoyed the view along the lake whilst drinking a cappuccino from the Pavilion Café.

After our coffee we began our walk by passing the boat hire kiosk. A sign declared "Boats Open" but customers were absent. To the left of the path by the lake here, some building work was in progress but we shall see more of that later.

We were amused by another sign on the fence near the boats which warned of deep water and also of thin ice. On a lovely spring day thin ice was the last thing we expected to witness so apparently it's a "Sign For All Seasons".
Through The Trees

We continued along the lakeside and where the path turned could see the two pillars through the trees where we would later access University Boulevard. Also by the edge of the lake opposite the pillars are two statues.
Chinese Dragon

These statures are of Chinese Dragons and what you may ask is their significance here.


An inscription on the plinth shows that they were given by Ningbo City, China and on the other side of the plinth are some Chinese characters which presumably say the same thing. This makes much more sense when you realise that Nottingham University has strong links with China and has a campus in Ningbo, a historic city near to Shanghai. The aforementioned pillars and statues frame the Trent Building at the University when viewed from the University Boulevard entrance.

We continued along to the western arm of the lake which is flanked by a lovely avenue of trees but turned here and made our way back to the dragon statues.
Croquet Club

Turning right we made our way towards the exit from the park passing the lawns of the Nottingham Croquet Club on the way. The lawns are bordered by trees and rhododendron bushes along University Boulevard.
University Boulevard

As we walked along University Boulevard on the cycle and pedestrian path we had the dual carriageway road on the right and rhododendrons of various hues on the left.

A lot of the rhododendrons are still coming into flower but some are now fully open.
Adventure Golf

We turned into the park and could once again see the Trent Building in the distance as well as the boating kiosk at the side of the lake. Between that and our position here we could see more on that building work I mentioned at the start of the walk. The work is to created an Adventure Golf Course and from what we could see, looks as though it will be a wonderful attraction to visitors.


The Golf Course is just one of several projects in the Highfields Park Restoration and a nearby banner shows where more of the work being is being carried out. No doubt we'll be back to see the result of that at a later date.

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