Ilkeston - Tree Flowers
w/e 09 April 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

In recent weeks I've been looking down to see all the spring flowers that are blooming but this week I turned my eyes upwards to admire the flowers opening on the trees. I suppose the correct term to use is blossom but I always get confused by the different species. There's apple blossom, cherry blossom, almond blossom, orange blossom and I don't think you can go solely by the colour as my neighbour's apricot tree sports white blossom similar to a nearby apple tree. Let's just call them tree flowers!

Chaucer Old Park

This tree is in Chaucer Old Park and frames the view over Chaucer School towards Eastwood.

At the same place, this fine tree stands by the underpass beneath Chalons Way.

At the other side of the underpass by the steps another tree is putting on a glorious show.

The same tree stands in what was probably the orchard at Durban House which now of course houses the Erewash Museum.
Albion Centre

Even in the town centre blossoming trees brighten the entrance to the Albion Centre.

Magnolias of various hues can also be seen around the town.

It might be stretching a point to call laurel a tree but the flowers are plentiful at the footbridge over Chalons Way.

The footbridge passes high through the branches of more trees as it crosses Chalons Way so let's stretch the point a little further and call these catkins tree flowers too.

The high passage of the bridge brings anyone crossing it into close proximity with the blossom that can be observed at really close quarters.
Park Road

Back on ground level more blossom, this on Park Road, bows low so it too can be observed closely. All too soon though the blossom will be gone as the flora all turns several shades of green but that doesn't stop us enjoying it while it's here.

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