Local Area - And Then There Were Daffodils
w/e 26 March 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

So far this year we've seen snowdrops, crocuses, primulas, hyacinths and a smattering of daffodils. Now the snowdrops are long gone and the crocuses have all but died off. The primulas and hyacinths are still looking good but as we turn the clocks forward again, there are daffodils all over the local area and far beyond too.

Grass Verge

They are growing in the grass verges on the main Nottingham Road as you enter Trowell from Ilkeston.
St Helen's Church

They are peeping over the wall at St Helen's Church in Trowell.
Pit Lane

Also in Trowell there's a clump growing wild at the end of Pit Lane .....
Stapleford Road

.... and from Pit Lane, along Stapleford Road and Trowell Road into Stapleford, they are lining the hedgerow. The land behind is due to be developed as a housing estate and work has already started along Ilkeston Road which also bounds the site so we will have to wait and see whether or not the daffodils will still be here next year.
Oakland Court

There's a fine display of the flowers at the entrance to Oakland Court opposite Bramcote Hills Park.
Cossall Village

At a corner in Cossall Village, the flowers are finding shelter by a wall but they are scattered at many other places and gardens in the village.
Church Lane

At the junction of Coronation Road and Church Lane in Cossall, different varieties of the narcissus family create an attractive display.
Cossall Marsh

At the same place in the area called Cossall March a more regimented block are lined up like a battalion of soldiers.
Oakwell Drive

Back in Ilkeston, daffodils line a bank like spectators at a sporting event. Unfortunately the sports facilities are behind on the recreation ground and the bank overlooks Oakwell Drive.
Park Cemetery

There are many other displays around and about not least by the side of the road at Shipley, on Chaucer Old Park and a splendid array on the central reservation at Depedale Avenue in Kirk Hallam but the final image in this selection is of the flowers in front of the Chapels at Park Cemetery.

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