Ilkeston - Spring Flowers
w/e 19 March 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

A month ago the snowdrops were the early signs of spring and we saw a whole load of them in Shipley Country Park. Since then crocuses have flowered and as they begin to fade, primulas and daffodils are adding more colour to the season. The following pictures were all captured on various days during the last couple of weeks.


This colourful display is one of two in the Albion Centre - just a shame someone has decided to use this one as an ash tray. Spot the cigarette butt!
Stanton Road Cemetery

The crocuses are coming to an end now but when I took this photo at the far end of the Stanton Road Cemetery beyond the wooden figure of the Ilkeston Giant, they were just opening.

In a far more prominent position in the town, there has been a wonderful display as usual along the Bristol Road side of Victoria Park. Notice the refurbished bandstand in the background.
Victoria Park

This closer look at Victoria Park's crocuses also shows some daffodils coming into flower.
Cantelupe Road

There has also been a fine display along Cantelupe Road on 'Illy 'Oleys.
Chaucer Old Park

Looking the opposite way along Cantelupe Road it's easy to see the hills and holes created by mineral mining in the past that gave rise to the to the name by which most locals call Chaucer Old Park.
Crocus Close Up

There's not much to be said about this one except it's a close up of some of the purple crocuses seen in the previous image.
St Mary's Churchyard

In the town centre the miniature daffodils are now in bloom is St Mary's Churchyard.
War Memorial

Primulas like those in the Albion Centre are adding a welcome splash of colour around the War Memorial on market day.
White Lion Square

There are more primulas flowering in the five beds on the island at the southern end of Chalons Way still called White Lion Square although the Square and the White Lion pub disappeared when the inner relief road was built. Hyacinths have also been planted in the beds but the crocuses that were between them are dying off to be replaced by as Wordsworth wrote a host of golden daffodils. Yes spring is here again.

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