Nottingham - The Big Track
w/e 20 November 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Beeston Canal

The Big Track is a ten mile walking and cycling path through Nottingham from Trent Bridge to Beeston Lock. and is promoted as a car free waterside route. We didn't walk the ten miles, in fact we didn't walk very far at all but we joined the route on the towpath of the Beeston Canal where it passes the Castle Marina Retail Park. As we reached the towpath we could just see Nottingham Castle high on the skyline over to the right.

Castle Meadow Moorings

We turned to the left passing the sign for the Castle Meadow Moorings.
Two Bridges

The path rose over a footbridge crossing the access point into the Castle Marina and then dropped down under the road bridge that carries almost constant traffic into and out of the Retail Park.
Canal Towpath

We continued along the towpath with Castle Marina on our left as far as the railway bridge which, although it cannot be seen in this view, is just this side of the electricity tower.
Sleeping Dog

Turning at the railway bridge we began to make our way back and took a closer look at some of the narrow boats on the canal. It's a hard life being a guard dog on a narrow boat, don't you know?
Castle Marina

The marina, now on our right, was filled with numerous boats.

Artwork on narrow boats is always worth studying and here are just four examples of the variety on show. The mermaid was painted on the Blue Bella in the marina whilst the sunny Raver, wild dog and Finnegan's Rainbow complete with a pot of gold on top of the boat were all on boats on the canal.
Giant Fish

The art work also extends to a building across the canal where a giant fish has been painted onto a house at the end of Alderney Street.
Waters Edge

Crossing under the road bridge and over the footbridge again we passed the Waters (no apostrophe) Edge Pub and Restaurant which caters not only for boaters but also the general public who can access it from the Retail park.

By the look of the skull on the tiller of a boat near the Waters Edge it appears the poor soul didn't make it in time for either a drink or a bite to eat either.

As we neared the end of our short walk we and the other walkers were joined by a cygnet on the towpath. Maybe the water was too cold for it but with a recent change in the weather the temperature was much lower than we have become accustomed to. It didn't seem to be affecting one of the young men ahead of us though - he was wearing a T shirt and had bare arms. It takes all sorts!

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