Ilkeston - A Week Of Remembrance
w/e 13 November 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

November is a month of remembrance and it began with bonfires and fireworks recalling Guy Fawkes attempt in 1605 to blow up the Houses of Parliament encapsulated in the rhyme "Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot." Many people, especially Americans, will remember November 9th 2016 as it was the day they woke up to find out who they had elected as their 45th President but it is the eleventh day of the eleventh month that is marked on calendars as Armistice Day. That is the day each year as well as Remembrance Sunday which this year fell on the 13th that we remember the sacrifice made by thousands of men and women in two World Wars and other conflicts to protect the freedom we enjoy today.

At Kirk Hallam Church

In fact in Ilkeston, short services and Acts of Remembrance have been held all week. On Tuesday a service in Kirk Hallam Church was followed by the laying of crosses on military war graves by children from the Ladywood Primary School.
With Ladywood Children

The Mayor of Erewash who addressed the children and spoke of the "futility of war" was also in attendance together with members of the Royal British Legion.
Stanton Road Cemetery

From Kirk Hallam the Mayor and the British Legion members made their way immediately to the Stanton Road Cemetery in Ilkeston.
Act of Remembrance

A short service was held and another Act of Remembrance took place with the laying of wreathes to remember all those who had given their lives in military conflicts.
Park Cemetery

Earlier in the morning on the same day (Tuesday), the War Memorial in Park Cemetery had been the setting for a similar Act of Remembrance. Here the crosses around the memorial had been laid by children from Chaucer Junior School.
Hallam Fields Children

On Thursday it was the turn of Hallam Fields Junior School to take part in a similar Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial in the grounds of The Stute in the Hallam Fields area of the town.
At The Stute

In the presence of representatives of the Royal British Legion, a short service was conducted by the Rev. Bill Enoch and crosses were laid on the memorial by the children as local historian Danny Corns read out the names of those from Hallam Fields that had lost their lives. Erewash MP Maggie Throup then laid a poppy wreath on the memorial.
Armistice Day

Friday was Armistice Day itself, the 11th of November and Royal British Legion representatives were joined around the town's main War Memorial on the Market Place by other Veterans and members of the general public for a short service of remembrance.

Royal British Legion

As the church clock struck eleven, flags were lowered and heads were bowed as everyone stood in solemn silence for two minutes as a mark of respect. Many of the same people would reassemble two days later on Remembrance Sunday.
Market Place

And on Remembrance Sunday there were even more people in the Market Place as Army and Air Force Cadets along with other youth groups paraded with Veterans to commemorate the day.
Remembrance Sunday

One hundred years after the Battle of the Somme and the Battle of Jutland, those who fought for our freedom were never far from our thoughts as we paused again in silence at eleven o'clock to respect their sacrifice. At the conclusion of the service the assembled groups marched behind Ilkeston Brass to bring the week of remembrance for 2016 to a close.

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