Ilkeston - Kicking Up The Leaves
w/e 06 November 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

St John's Road

There a song recorded in 1960 by Mark Wynter that always comes to mind at this time of year. It's called "Kicking Up The Leaves" and that's certainly what we've been doing on the tree lined streets in the town where fallen leaves are ankle deep in some places such as St John's Road.
Thirty Ducks

Surprisingly the towpath near Green's Lock on the Erewash Canal is almost clear of leaves although the trees are also displaying some beautiful autumnal colours. This is also a good place for ducks - including those arrowing towards us we counted about thirty!
Erewash Canal

We were not the only ones enjoying a walk along the canal towpath and a little further along the path was still clear but there was only a single bird on the water.
Fallen Leaves

Fallen leaves are apparent elsewhere in the town though like these from the tree in front of Toll Bar House near the top of Stanton Road.
New Lawn Road

A different species of tree is dropping just as many leaves albeit a different colour at Derby College's Ilkeston campus on New Lawn Road.
Victoria Park Entrance

Victoria Park of course is a good place to see the autumn displays and as we approached the Drummond Road/Bristol Road entrance it was good to see the new gateposts had been installed.
New Gateposts

Gateposts have also been erected at the Manners Road/Bristol Road entrance and temporary notices advised that the Heritage Lottery funded gates would be installed between Wednesday 2nd and Friday 4th November. Mid morning on Friday though when this photo was taken there was not a sign of the gates but their installation must be imminent.
Squirreling About

In the park itself a squirrel was foraging amongst the carpet of leaves.
Backlit Leaf

Council workers are sweeping, bagging, collecting and removing leaves from pavements in the town but they will be busy for a while yet as there are still plenty to fall.
Recreation Ground

Apparently it's the good weather over the summer that's led to the vibrant colours this year which are apparent all over the UK and producing views like this one of the Rutland Recreation Ground as seen from Oakwell Drive.

With the wind getting up and more leaves still to fall, you can be sure that despite the Council workers' best efforts we'll be kicking up the leaves for quite a while yet.

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