Ilkeston - After The Fair
w/e 30 October 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Fair Saturday

For a few days in the middle of October each year, the town centre is taken over by travelling showmen to stage the Annual Charter Fair and the Market Place throbs with the sound of loud music and heaves with the crowds that turn up to all the attractions. There is always someone to complain about the disruption to the town but they are massively outnumbered by those who look forward to, and thoroughly enjoy the event. This was Saturday afternoon and the Market Place was heaving with thousands of people. By noon on Sunday, the Fair had been dismantled, packed away and Market Place had been cleared.

A couple of days later bollards that had been removed prior to the arrival of the Fair, had reappeared.
Flower Tubs

As had the flower tubs along the church wall.
War Memorial

Protective fencing still surrounded the War Memorial but would soon be removed.

Across the Market Place in the Pimlico corner, similar barriers guarded the Horse Trough and Drinking Fountain against accidental damage.

At the bottom end of the Pimlico Car Park, the Magic Mouse roller coaster usually arrives a few days before the rest of the Fair as it takes longer to erect but by Tuesday after the Fair, even that had gone and the car park had resumed its intended use.
Albert Street

There is sometimes a ride at the Fair called "Chaos" and it was a little chaotic during the Fair on Albert Street. Bus routes were diverted and were also different to previous years which caused some confusion for passengers but by the following week, the buses had resumed their normal routes and all that remained on Albert Street were the temporary "Bus Stop" signs.
Wharncliffe Road

Wharncliffe Road is usually where the buses stop but it's obvious from the image on the left taken during the Fair why they were rerouted.
Queen Street

Queen Street and the car park too were also out of bounds for traffic during the Fair and were occupied by some of those thrill rides but again all evidence of them had soon gone.
Recreation Ground

Even the Recreation Ground which had been a virtual village for the showmen during their stay in the town bore little evidence of their occupation except perhaps for a few tyre marks on the grass. It's a small price to pay for all the enjoyment they bring and before you know it, they'll be here again next year for the 765th celebration of the Royal Charter.

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