Ilkeston - Spring Flowers
w/e 01 May 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

PeonySo we're into May and summer is getting ever closer but this past week, there have been days when it's felt like we've stepped back into winter. We enjoyed several sunny mornings followed by dull and showery afternoons. One morning was positively shirt sleeve weather but it didn't last and the rain came after lunch. Midweek a cold north wind swept straight in from the Arctic and we even had a snow storm which settled in the garden for a couple of hours. Fortunately it hasn't had any detrimental effect on the spring flowers although the peony buds (right) still have to burst open. Other spring flowers though are doing well.


Grape Hyacinths

Grape hyacinths.

Unwelcome visitors are springing up everywhere but do add a splash of colour.

A colour too that is replicated in the cowslips.

And also in some late flowering daffodils.




No collection of spring flowers would be complete without the ubiquitous bluebell of which there are varieties that are also pink and white. An example of the whitebell variety is just about to flower in the middle of the garden.

But the more familiar bluebell is growing in profusion both at the bottom of the garden at the foot of the holly tree and also as seen here at the front of the house. When they are there to greet us when we leave the house there's really no need to go hunting for them in the local woods - but I think I might still go and take a look anyway before the season is over.

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