Ilkeston - Job & Community Fair
w/e 20 March 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Friday Market

Anyone approaching the town centre on Friday from Bath Street would have been greeted by the usual selection of market stalls.

Reaching the Market Place from the opposite direction via South Street, the sight of a long marquee is not something that would be anticipated on a normal Friday.

Neither would you expect to see a recruiting gazebo for the Mercian Regiment but this was all to do with a Job and Community Fair that was being held through the middle part of the day.

We spent a few minutes chatting to the representatives of the Regiment sharing memories of our family's respective involvement in the Second World War and of the Sherwood Foresters, forerunner of the Mercians.

The P3charity vehicle on the left was also part of the Fair but the Burger Bar and Flower Stall who were hoping to pick up trade from visitors to the Fair are regular attendees at the Friday market.
Various Displays

Inside the marquee were displays by many different organisations offering free advice and promoting opportunities for training, apprenticeships and voluntary work.
Advice & Training

Although advertised as a Job and Community Fair, I didn't notice any actual jobs on offer, not that I wanted one of course having already served my time in industry. There was plenty of advice and training on offer though.
Smoothie Art Gallery

I was more interested in the community aspect as exemplified by the Smoothie Art Gallery. Photographic prints and work by local artists that I learned now number about forty formed part of its display. The gallery housed in the Smoothie Bar on Bath Street regularly changes the exhibitions there.
Ilkeston Life

The Smoothie Bar also serves as the contact point for the local free newspaper Ilkeston Life and issues of the latest monthly edition were handed out and were gratefully received by visitors to the Fair from far and wide.
Foot Centre

After the event closed all the displays had to be taken down and removed which meant for a couple from the Foot Centre carrying a large banner back down South Street. You could say it's all in a day's work!

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