Shipley - Woodside Nature Reserve
w/e 22 November 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Barney's Rubble

It's been mostly another dark and dismal week in Ilkeston and when storm Barney blew through it left a trail of rubble in its wake. Barney? Rubble? As the saying goes "Sorry, I'll get my coat." The winds blew a panel out of the greenhouse roof, another from the door which was blown off completely, it demolished a fence at the bottom of the garden and even toppled a tree in Park Cemetery. But on Friday the weather brightened up and it felt a lot colder but we took a walk in the afternoon with the dog through the Woodside Nature Reserve at Shipley anyway.


A few weeks ago I had walked across Shipley Common to the Nutbrook Trail, again on a Friday afternoon, and had seen some livestock in the distance. On that occasion I had cut short the walk due to the threat of heavy rain and returned to the car on the Shipley View Estate. This time we returned to the Nutbrook Trail and followed it back to where I had met it last time passing much closer to that livestock.

Continuing past that point the Nutbrook Trail turns first to the left and then right where a raised boardwalk over a water course leads to a footpath up and over the mound ahead.
Trail Bends

Dramatic SkyDramatic SkyNot having walked that way before I followed the path to the top but the views towards West Hallam (left) and Mapperley (right) into the sun shining through the dramatic sky produced only a couple of views in silhouette. That could be a walk for another day but today we had a different objective. Turning back down the slope gave a good view though of the bends in the Nutbrook Trail.
Giant Hedgehog

Before heading for that objective there was time for a shot of a giant hedgehog in the trees at the side of the boardwalk.
Nutbrook Coffee Shop

We continued along the Nutbrook Trail and soon reached our objective Lodge Farm, or to be more precise the Nutbrook Coffee Shop where another wooden sculpture, this time of a mole, stood at the side of the path. Note too another raised boardwalk opposite the sculpture which is the route I took later.

First though we entered the courtyard at the Coffee Shop and joined several more at the tables there. Despite the cold it was quite pleasant in the sheltered area.
Hot Chocolate

And to ward off the chill, a couple of hot chocolates were just the job.
Viewing Platform

Leaving the Coffee Shop I crossed the boardwalk opposite the mole sculpture and climbed the slope up to what I took to be a viewing platform at the top. Sadly it looks as though the vandals got there before me as there was evidence of a fire on this side and access to the steps on the far side was also barred. I can't believe that a fire here was started accidentally.

It's such a shame as the view from the platform would have been much better with that little extra height but the eagle eyed among you may just be able to pick out St Mary's Church tower and the URC spire in Ilkeston on the horizon. Look just to the left of centre.
Patiently Waiting

There was nothing else to do except return to the wife and the dog who were both patiently waiting on the Nutbrook Trail below and retrace our steps back to the start.

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