Ilkeston - Transition
w/e 04 October 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

For two weeks in the middle of September I was out walking under the guidance of the Autumn Footprints Festival and noticed the slow transition from late summer to early autumn whilst in other parts of the district. From Shardlow to Matlock, Attemborough to Duffield the changes became more apparent as time went on and now as we enter October, the colours are becoming even more prominent. This last week my walking has been confined to Ilkeston but even in town, the changes are showing although many trees still have a way to go.

Sir John Warren

One of our walks during the week took us from the Market Place through Victoria Park to the Manners Link and back to the town centre via the Rutland Sports Park and White Lion Square - just a stroll compared to some of the Autumn Footprints walks but enough see a variety of colours and take a few photos. This first one in a corner of the Market Place shows one of the trees outside the Sir John Warren already turning red.
Victoria Park

There was a variety of colours in Victoria Park and many more are sure to follow.
Manners Link

A less manicured look on the Manners Link than in the park but the sunlight picked out where some of the trees were just starting to turn.

I have to admit that I'm not very good at tree identification but I think this leaf also seen on the Manners Link is from a sycamore tree.
Tennis Courts

On the Rec (Rutland Sports Park) looking towards the tennis courts some of the trees are still in full leaf but the transition process has obviously started ....
Bowling Green

.... while the loss of leaf is far more advanced on other trees when turning to look towards the bowling green.
Rose Hips

Also on the Rec near the bowling green, there is an abundance of rose hips.

And at the exit onto Oakwell Drive a Rowan is full of red berries.
Summer & Autumn

At White Lion Square, the summer flowers in the troughs on the railings are providing a lovely contrast to the leaves on the tree outside Toll Bar House.
White Lion Square

There is still a lot of life left in similar troughs overlooking the White Lion Square island at the end of Chalons Way but the beds on the island have been stripped of their summer flowering plants and are in the process of being replanted with winter flowering pansies. Winter? Yes winter and before we know it, we'll soon be looking forward to Christmas and waiting for spring so the the cycle can begin all over again. But before all that let's just enjoy the colours of autumn.

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