Ilkeston - On Yer Bike!
w/e 13 September 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Stage 6 of the Aviva Tour of Britain Cycle Race passed through Ilkeston on Friday 11th September and I joined crowds of people near the top of Nottingham Road to witness the passage of the cyclists through the town.

White Lion Square

People started to gather around 2pm and some of them are seen here at the top of Derby Road when expectations of the imminent arrival of the leaders was raised by the arrival of a police motorcyclist (photo timed at 3.06pm) who pulled up to help control the flow of traffic around the White Lion Square island. Ilkeston Craft Bombers had earlier placed a decorated bike on the island to celebrate the event and it is visible on the right of the above picture. Click here to see a close up of the bike on their Facebook page.
Police Motorbike

More police motorcyclists passed by leapfrogging each other to ensure the road ahead was clear for the main event. In fact so many roared down Nottingham Road that some in the crowd began to wonder if it was a motorbike race rather than a cycle race.
Bikes On Top

As more and more people arrived to take up their positions hoping for a good view of the race, the first bikes appeared - on top of one of the support cars!

The steady drone of a helicopter from where aerial coverage of the race was being beamed to television screens all over the land meant that the leaders were not far away.
The Leading Four

And seconds later at 3.12pm the leading four swept round White Lion Square and started down Nottingham Road closely followed by another motorbike with a TV cameraman on board.
Following Group

Less than a minute later a clutch of riders took the same line to head out of town through Trowell and on to the finish of Stage 6 in Nottingham.
Disappearing Peloton

The peloton was followed by more support vehicles and as traffic returned to normal, roads were opened again, and the crowd started to disperse. There was a collective sense of "Well is that it? That didn't last long." It was just 3.14pm.
Support Vehicles

I was still close to Nottingham Road some 40 minutes later and was alerted to something else when several police motorbikes with flashing blue lights roared past the end off Dale Street. Before I could get the camera switched on again a whole load of cyclists followed the motorbikes to be followed themselves by another posse of support vehicles at 3.55pm.

Even then there was still time for a few more stragglers in the race to pass by. It was now 3.56pm
Gnome Island

As the final riders negotiated Gnome Island in the midst of normal everyday traffic I pondered whether, on this sunny September afternoon and with this stage passing mainly through Derbyshire and the Peak District, the riders had decided to enjoy the ride taking in the scenery and left the racing for another day. These final few riders seemed in no great hurry to get to the finish in Nottingham anyway. And that my friends, is the last of the Aviva Tour of Britain through Ilkeston for 2015 - unless of course you know different and more cyclist came through later still!

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