Ilkeston - Classic Car Show
w/e 23 August 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The third Heritage and Classic Car Show in Ilkeston's Market Place was held on Sunday 16th August and was very well supported both by exhibitors and the public in general, many of whom were armed with cameras or mobile phones. A search of the internet will no doubt turn up lots of images and videos showing views from the day so I've decided for this selection to go for something a little different taking a closer look at some of the vehicles and adding a few tongue in cheek captions.


I started the day by climbing up St Mary's Church tower in the company of Peter, one of the Churchwardens, where we looked down on the cars below. From here it looked as though we could just lean over and pick them up like Dinky toys.
Rolls Royce

Back at ground level, some of the vehicles needed no introduction. I once had a Rolls. It was a Rolls Cudardly model - rolled down hills but could hardly get up them!
Clean Engine

The last time the engine under the bonnet of my car looked as clean as this was when it rolled off the production line. Someone has spent a lot of time working to get this one in this condition but did Ford really offer bright green as standard colour?
Big Wheels

I heard a rumour that the show was limited to 250 vehicles and in excess of that number arrived and had to be turned away. In fact there were so many there that there was an overflow into the Town Hall car park where this "tractor" (?) with the giant wheels stood. With four such wheels on the vehicle I dread to think how much each one costs.

There were also small wheels and vehicles on show like this push bike with the Barton Transport logo which seats one. That's OK for the driver but where do the passengers sit? A trailer perhaps?

A row of buses was parked near the Cenotaph, something that was a common sight years ago before the area was pedestrianised and this old Barton bus bound for Beeston brought back many memories of when my Dad worked for the company.
Mango Man

Barton are now part of the Trent Barton organisation and their Mango Man was on hand promoting the Mango Card, a swipe card that can be used to pay fares. You wouldn't want many mangoes this size for your five-a-day!
Esso Pair

Another blast from the past could be seen on the stalls filled with motoring memorabilia. This pair of waving Esso figures could see you waving goodbye to £65.
Ice Cream

Two other events in Ilkeston this year, the Carnival and the Summer Sounds, had to be cancelled due to bad weather but the Classic Car Show was blessed with fine weather all day. People turned out in force to the event and I spotted this couple that brought the following caption to mind. "If the ice cream vendor doesn't turn up soon, we'll have to go or we'll miss the Manchester bus."
Austin Seven

And another couple sitting in their pre-war Austin Seven were here for the long wait having brought magazines with them to pass the time. Or maybe they were planning their route home once all the traffic had cleared. Bet they will be here next time though as many comments have been passed about how good a day it was.

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