Nottingham University - Lakeside at Highfields
w/e 05 July 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The southern boundary of University Park is also the northern boundary of Highfields Park and this Lakeside Walk passes through both. The walk was created in 2002 as a joint project between the University and Nottingham City Council.

Boats For Hire

We began the circumnavigation of the lake at the Lakeside Arts Centre and followed the path past the "Boats For Hire" kiosk which had no shortage of customers on one of the hottest afternoons of the year so far.
Lakeside Centre

A little further along the path we turned to view the Lakeside Centre across the lake. This would be where we would return to on completion of the circuit.
Sheer Wall

The sheer wall and narrow terrace in front of the university's Trent Building illustrates the steepness of the slope on the northern side and shows why it was impossible to walk all the way round the lake until the 2002 project which also provided access points from the university.

Another lower and much wider terrace on the southern side opposite the Trent Building also provides an access to the parks from University Boulevard, one of the main thoroughfares into the city.
From Bridge No. 1

The complete circuit is approximately 1.25 miles but about two thirds of the way along the lake is a small island and a couple of bridges provide a short cut across the water. From the first bridge the wide terrace can now be seen on the right and the rowing boat is pointing towards the northern channel around the island.
Bridge No. 2

With the sun beating down we opted for the short cut to the shadier northern path. From the second bridge we observed another rowing boat that had just passed under on its way to the western reaches of the lake.
Tranquil Lake

From the same bridge a slightly different angle opens up a view of the final third of the tranquil lake.

Views from the northern path

Turning right on reaching the north bank we headed back towards the Lakeside Centre along an undulating path beneath the sandstone cliffs and through the trees.
Trent Building

After crossing the narrow terrace above the steep wall seen earlier there were glimpses of the imposing Trent Building high above on the university campus.
Canada Geese

The path continues in the same vein offering sporadic views of the lake until it drops down close to the water's edge again where Canada geese were surrounding another of the rowing boats on the lake.

At the end of the lake we reached the concourse outside the Lakeside Centre and although the ice cream van looked tempting we decided against waiting in the queue as the temperature still continued to rise. It was a welcome relief to get back in the car and switch on the air conditioning. We're just not used to hot weather - we don't see it that often in the UK!

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