Ilkeston - Carnival Substitute
w/e 14 June 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490


I had planned to feature images from this year's Carnival here and had even picked up a programme (above left) but the weather forecast for Saturday was not good and our worst fears were confirmed when news spread on Twitter and Facebook that the event had been cancelled. Erewash Borough Council meanwhile were also tweeting (above right) about an indoor event that was taking place at the museum.


I had hoped to be standing somewhere on the Market Place around lunchtime to watch the floats pass by but the persistent overnight rain continued throughout Saturday and even some of the market traders didn't take up their usual positions.
Recreation Ground

An afternoon visit to the Rutland Recreation Ground showed puddles on the surface where the main arena would have been which contributed to the reasons why the carnival had been cancelled. It was a huge disappointment to all involved not least the organisers, the people who had spent hours preparing costumes and decorating floats, the charity stall holders who missed out on an afternoon of raising much needed funds and of course the general public at large.
Planting Day

There was talk about a contingency plan and why an alternative location couldn't be used but in all honesty it would not have been safe for children standing on the back of lorries trundling up Bath Street in the pouring rain. My own Plan B was to resort to images taken earlier like this one on Victoria Park where children from Chaucer Junior School busied themselves helping the council workers plant out the newly designed flower beds.
Empty Pots

The project is to recreate the original design from when the Park first opened and is part of a bigger scheme that will see many enhancements to Victoria Park funded by a Heritage Lottery grant. With the children's help the empty pots soon mounted up.
Museum Entrance

On Friday I heard that something had happened at the museum and the decorated gates at the entrance showed that something was afoot.
Decorated Seat

A seat in the gardens too had received the same treatment and was decorated with a string of knitted flowers.
Yarn Bombed

In fact trees, railings and another seat had been what I believe is know as "Yarn Bombed" and it was all in anticipation of the Big Knit event which was planned for the following day. Then preliminary visit to the museum also formed part of my Plan B bearing in mind the weather forecast!
The Big Knit

On Saturday we returned to the museum where the Lally Gallery had been taken over by a number of ladies all armed with knitting needles in what was a world wide event to knit in public. They were well supplied with balls of wool and plenty of drinks and apparently gentlemen and children were also involved in the event but not whilst we were there.
Sewing Flowers

All sorts of garments and decorations were being knitted and another lady at the museum was adding knitted flowers on to a piece of fabric.

The museum was not the only place in Ilkeston taking part in the Big Knit and another group had gathered at Dragonflies shop on the Market Place. I don't knit myself but if I was to join a group I think it would be this one as they supplemented their drinks and the clack-clack-clack of the needles with cake! I'm easily pleased.

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