Ilkeston - Motorbike Day
w/e 10 May 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

During the previous week I had walked through the town taking "Spring" photos so this week with a Bank Holiday, General and Local Elections plus VE Day celebrations photo opportunities shouldn't have been difficult. Throughout the week I had toyed with the idea of going to a local wood, any local wood, as bluebell season is upon us but Saturday arrived and not a photo had been taken. So, it was off to the town centre again ....

Market Place

We walked through the market and commented on the wide open spaces that are all too frequent these days. There was a time not so very long ago when it would be bustling crammed full of stalls but those days are gone.
Fruit & Veg Stall

The stalls may be fewer but there is still plenty of good produce available. This selection was on one of several fruit and vegetable stalls.
Flowers & Plants

Among the other stalls selling a variety of clothing, music, film, sweets, groceries and household goods (and I've probably missed many other items too) there is also a fine selection of flowers, plants and shrubs again available from a number of traders both on the main market and the lower Market Place as seen here.
Museum Entrance

Talking BikesBikes & FlowersWe were only passing through the market on our way to the Erewash Museum for Saturday was Motorbike Day, one of several events that are held at the museum each year. Work is ongoing with the aid of a Heritage Lottery grant to enhance the museum experience and parts are off limits but it didn't stop the bikers turning up and parking their vehicles in the museum grounds.
Museum Gardens

The previous images were taken after lunch on Saturday on our second visit of the day to the museum. We had actually called in earlier in the morning just as the event was starting and then only a handful of machines had arrived.

One of the early arrivals parked near the gates was a vividly coloured Kawasaki.

Another was an older BSA.
Royal Enfield

In the afternoon a Royal Enfield complete with sidecar had arrived.

A Triumph too had added to the display of bikes old and new and had found a parking spot against a permanent fixture in the museum gardens.

And so we returned home and if you're wondering why we didn't go bluebell hunting in one of those local woods, well we didn't need to as these are growing right outside our front door ... and there's more in the back garden too!

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