Ilkeston - Crocus Time In Victoria Park
w/e 15 March 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The seasons are slowly changing and although I hadn't planned to feature Victoria Park this week - I hadn't actually planned anything specifically for this week - the display of spring flowers and in particular the superb show of crocuses this year was enough to persuade me that it would be a shame to let them disappear without at least one or two photos.

Between The Trees

We travelled along Bristol Road several times during the week and admired the display of spring flowers but on this occasion we approached Bristol Road seen here between the trees by walking through the park first.

One of those trees was a purple leaved plum and it too was showing signs of spring as it was starting to blossom.
To Drummond Road

The flowers stretched in one direction up to the main park entrance at Drummond Road.
To Manners Road

And in the other direction they followed the edge of the park to the entrance at the Manners Road end of Bristol Road.

Looking back into the park towards the bandstand the main colours were purple and white.
Closer Look

A closer look at the crocuses showed that many were to open so we can expect the fabulous display to continue a little while longer.

With the pergola in the background the crocuses are supplemented by snowdrops and the green shoots of daffodils that are still to flower.

Photos hardly do justice to the colours of the crocuses but about half way along Bristol Road the yellow ones make a bold statement of their own.
Low Level

Seen from low level looking into the central area of the park is probably one of the better ways to appreciate the flowers and the promise of warmer weather that spring brings.
Bristol Road

We left the park at the Drummond Road end with one last look over the flower bed at the entrance down Bristol Road and the carpet of crocuses laid out before us.

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