Sawley - At The Marina
w/e 15 February 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

MapCatApart from a walk in the Autumn Footprints 2010 programme along the towpath of the Sawley Cut it's been eleven years since our last visit to Sawley Marina so another look around is long overdue. A bleak afternoon in February was perhaps not the best time to go and we only saw three other people (plus a cat) while we were there. A brief wander round though produced the following images.


The aforementioned towpath along the Sawley Cut can be seen here opposite the slipway from the marina. The moorings along the canal to the right are for visitors.

Fuel pumps stand adjacent to the slipway next to this hoist that overlooks the cut.
Platinum Moorings

An inlet from the cut near the hoist leads under a footbridge to a relatively small sheltered area which is called Platinum Moorings, presumably so named because it is the premier spot in the marina and gives easy access for boaters to the canal and rivers beyond.
Old Yacht

We headed around the buildings that include a restaurant and chandlery to the main area of the marina and passed this small traffic roundabout ornamentally decorated with anchors and an old yacht that has obviously seen better days. I was tempted to say it was the only boat on the island but there are many more vessels in the vicinity.
Boat Sales Jetty

And some of those vessels are for sale and can be viewed from the Boat Sales Jetty. Although we saw very few people the afternoon was punctuated by the sound of explosions from the Chemring Defence Group's "Fireworks Factory" a couple of miles away at Wilne where testing was in progress.
Price Tags

A closer look at some of those on sale reveals that if you're in the market for one you'd need something in the region of £70k for the one on the left and £50k for the one on the right.

A spit of land at the side of the Boat Sales Jetty runs out to a circular "island" where this pergola has been built. Another pier called the Island Pier extends beyond the pergola where more boats are on display and are also for sale.
Picnic Area

Adjacent to the pergola on the "island" are picnic tables and crossed anchor sculptures that surely make this a pleasant spot on a balmy summer's evening to sit with a drink and recall tales of boating on the canals. Not so though on a February afternoon.
Island Pier

It's possible to circle the pergola but in an anti-clockwise direction it is necessary to cross a small footbridge to reach the end of the Island Pier, the other half of the sales area.
East Bank

Our final view from the "island" is across more piers in the marina to the East Bank moorings. In the distance is the Ratcliffe on Soar Power Station generating not only electricity but also contributing more steam to the already cloud filled sky. I don't think we'd better leave it another eleven years before we visit Sawley Marina again but if we intend to explore the south and east banks, we'd better choose a day under a brighter sky!

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