Ilkeston - In Victoria Park
w/e 26 October 2014
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Entrance Bed

The summer bedding plants have all been removed from the Park and new ones that have been planted at the main entrances at both ends of Bristol Road are slowly being covered by fallen leaves.
Autumn Colour

We entered the Park at the Manners Road end and walked up the path by the Bowling Green. Autumn colour was already visible over to the right in this corner of the Park.
Circular Bed

The path leads to a circular bed where the plants and shrubs despite being past their best still looked attractive as they come to the end of the flowering season.
Changing Leaves

The leaves on the plants in the border around the Duke Oak tree are changing colour but are at various stages in the process.
Leaf Carpet

The tail end of hurricane Gonzalo passed over the UK in the middle of the week and no doubt helped bring down many of the leaves in the Park which are now forming an almost continuous carpet on the slope up to the Bandstand.
Bandstand Seats

At the seats around Bandstand I was reminded of the exchange between Guenevere and Arthur in the musical Camelot where she says sarcastically "And I suppose the autumn leaves fall in neat little piles" to which Arthur replies "Oh, no, Milady. They blow away completely. At night, of course."
Work In Progress

The Park has recently been the recipient of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund which will enable the Bandstand to be refurbished. Part of the funding has also been earmarked to return the central beds to their original state and work has already started so that it can been completed by the middle of 2015.

Project Notice

A notice on the fencing around the central bed gives a brief description of the work that is being carried out.
Off Limits

Some people are under the misapprehension that the funding can be used by Erewash Borough Council for anything but a solid case had to be made for specific use of the money which will see several projects get underway during the coming months. In the meantime some sections like the fenced area around the central beds seen here in the distance will be off limits to the general public.
The Pergola

One of those projects will see the refurbishment of the pergola and designs for this work had to be submitted before the funding was approved.
Quiet Corner

New gates will be installed at the entrances to the Park and again will be replicas of the original structures but the work will only serve to enhance this much treasured part of the the town. Despite all the work and projects to be undertaken it will still be possible to find quiet corners like this one along the edge of Drummond Road.

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