Ilkeston - Another Lovely Display
w/e 17 August 2014
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
White Lion Square

The "In Bloom" judges were in town recently and must have been well impressed by the five bed island at the southern end of Chalons Way that we still know as White Lion Square even though that disappeared when the island was built. Obviously Victoria Park would also have been on their itinerary but as we saw some of the flower beds there a couple of weeks ago, I decided to see what other lovely displays were on offer around the town.

Market Tubs

The line of tubs on the Market Place have come on leaps and bounds recently and are now overflowing with flowers. The eye is also drawn towards the Cenotaph, newly cleaned as part of the World War One commemorations.
Cenotaph Bed

The flower beds around the Cenotaph that were also pointed out to the "In Bloom" judges were planted with the assistance of pupils from a local Junior School and a fine job they did too.
Garden of Remembrance

In front of the Cantelupe Centre in the Garden of Remembrance, a couple of formal beds contain mainly yellow flowers whilst those at the Cenotaph are mainly red. The red and yellow theme is one that is repeated on the White Lion Square island.
Albion Centre

Two less formal displays can be seen at the seating area in the Albion Centre Precinct of Bath Street but these are privately owned and not part of the Council's responsibility.
All Things Nice

The hanging baskets that have been erected on Bath Street though do however come under the Council's jurisdiction and no doubt contributed towards the "In Bloom" competition. I captured this image whilst sitting on one of the seats which are placed at intervals on Bath Street and noted as the sign says they contained "All Things Nice".
More Baskets

The baskets like the seats are spread at intervals most of the way down and on both sides of Bath Street.

As a complete contrast to the formal and informal beds and the hanging baskets I spotted some Antirrhinums or Snapdragons growing wild in a stone wall. I suppose you could call them wallflowers but that's a different species altogether.

There are however many "railings flowers" as opposed to wallflowers at various points along Chalons Way. These in troughs attached to the railings are at the end of Chalons Way near Park Road.
Trough Flowers

The flowers in these railing troughs have drawn many admiring and appreciative comments from many people and this close up shows why.
White Lion Square

But of course the piece-de-resistance in the town has to be the five bed island at White Lion Square surrounded as it is by hanging baskets and railing troughs and surely the lovely display MUST have impressed those "In Bloom" judges. All we have to do now is await the results of their deliberations and see if the town has once again won a prestigious rating.

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