Ilkeston - It's All Happening
w/e 29 June 2014
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Stanton Road CemeterySwing Back To The FortiesUsually at this time of year there's an event in Victoria Park called the Midsummer Happening but it appears to have been left off the calendar this time. There will be an event in the park though in July which will be featuring local bands and that's called Summer Sounds In The Park. The absence of the Summer Happening though doesn't mean that it's not all been happening in Ilkeston this weekend. There were at least three events and below are a few images from each of them.

Summer Fayre

On Saturday afternoon the Friends of Stanton Road Cemetery held their Summer Fayre with music provided by the Derby Serenaders.

A selection of stalls were set out along the main path between the old headstones.
Ilkeston Giant

At the far end of the cemetery, the Ilkeston Giant was keeping a close eye on proceedings and will continue to maintain his stance there when everyone else has left.
Erewash Museum

Meanwhile at the Erewash Museum another regular event, Swing Back to the Forties, was being staged with a selection of old vehicles just inside the entrance.
Churchill & Victory

In the grounds of the museum Churchill was in animated conversation with Johnny Victory. As I passed Churchill, staying in character, was heard to comment that it just wasn't good enough, people enjoying themselves whilst there was a war on.
War Songs

His comment had no bearing on Johnny Victory who went on to entertain everyone with a selection of songs from the decade, many of them made famous during the war years. Saturday of course was also Armed Forces Day.

There was more entertainment in the yard between the main museum building and the Hayloft. Seen here from an upstairs window in the museum, dancers in period costume from the Festival Swing Dance Society were demonstrating popular dances of the decade including the Jitterbug and the Stroll.

There were many people at the museum on Saturday in costume including several in various uniforms common in the 1940s but on Sunday I spotted uniforms of a more futuristic type on the Market Place. I don't know whether aliens had landed somewhere but the Stormtroopers were out in force.
Closer Inspection

The costumed trio were patrolling the town centre which was hosting a Heritage and Classic Vehicle Show. People had turned out in force again to enjoy the event and were inspecting vehicles of all ages.
Vehicle Exhibits

Many people were also taking photos and will have come away with shots very similar to the ones above of the buses, lorries, trucks, motor bikes, old cars, new cars, classic cars and even the remarkable motor bike called Batpod (above right) which were all on display. For a donation of £2.00 to help Cancer Research anyone could become a superhero and sit on the Batpod.

Heritage Vehicles

Few if any though, apart from yours truly, will have come away with a shot similar to this, taken from the top of St Mary's Church tower as the Show was still setting up and before the crowds arrived. So it may not have been the Midsummer Happening but with the three events at the Stanton Road Cemetery, the Erewash Museum and in the town centre it's been something of a Giant, Swinging Classic weekend or more simply - it's all been happening in Ilkeston.

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