Ilkeston - Flowers In The Rain
w/e 01 June 2014
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

We can appreciate the recent fine weather that is too easily forgotten all the more when we compare it to the week we have just experienced that was more reminiscent of February or November than the late days of May. It was unfortunate that much of the week that not only featured a Bank Holiday but also was the half term break for many schoolchildren, was marred by overcast skies and cold rainy days. So much so in fact, that when I looked out of the window, I recalled a song which has been buzzing around in my head ever since,. The song in question is the first record played on Radio 1 in 1967 by Tony Blackburn - The Move's hit "Flowers In The Rain".
(Radio 1 Launch Day link)


The near persistent precipitation has done the peony in our front garden no favours whatsoever dashing the flowers to the ground long before we could enjoy the deep red blooms.

Rose bushes have fared better but even here some petals from the flowers have been washed off long before we could dead head them to encourage more growth.

Bush geraniums also in a corner of the front garden are flowering well but are still been dashed by the rain despite their sheltered position.

Self seeding campanulas at the front of the house have started to flower and are standing up better to the conditions although still drenched by the rain.

Bush geraniums and campanulas are also flowering at the back of the house but the azalea is already past its best and looking quite bedraggled in parts.

Cornflowers however are looking skywards and appear to be welcoming the rain with open arms. This picture was taken from directly above one flower.

By contrast the aquilegias have their heads bowed and their petals are acting as mini umbrellas. This shot was taken from underneath and looking skywards. We only planted a few aquilegias some years ago but they have multiplied and spread and can now be found all over the garden. Some of them will have to come out!

Foxgloves are just beginning to flower too and there are plenty more to come but this is the only one in flower at the moment.
Bleeding Heart

We used to have bleeding hearts in our garden but they disappeared a couple of years ago. This solitary flower was peeping through the fence from our neighbour's garden.

Also peeping through from next door was this shrub and I didn't know what it was until I asked our neighbour. It turns out to be a weigela but Google search reveals there are alternative spellings for it including weigella and weigelia. I supppose I should investigate further but it's actually stopped raining and cleared up now so perhaps I'd better leave that for a rainy day!

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