Langley Mill - Erewash Canal
w/e 13 April 2014
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Over the years we must have, at various times, walked along the towpath of the majority of the almost twelve miles of the Erewash Canal between its northern end at the Great Northern Basin at Langley Mill and its southern junction with the River Trent at Sawley. There are however still a number of small sections that our feet have not trod and this at the northern extremity is one of them.

Erewash Canal

We walked from the Langley Mill end of the canal to just beyond where it is crossed by the Anchor Road bridge before turning and retracing our steps back to the Great Northern Basin. All of the images were captured on the way back starting with this one of two narrow boats moored next to the Anchor Road Bridge.

Opposite the boats, blossom from a tree growing in the garden of a canal side cottage was overhanging the towpath.

Children on the bridge were throwing bread to a rooster who seemed to be spending more time crowing to his brood rather than partaking of the tit bits.
Anchor Road Cottages

On the other side of the bridge and also across the canal more cottages on Anchor Road have an attractive position overlooking the canal.
Business Park

As the canal turns slightly to the right it runs behind the Access26 Business Park on the site of the former Vic Hallam Company that finally closed in 1995 having previously been a major employer in the area.
Marker Post

Just around the corner at the side of the towpath a concrete marker post with the figure 11 presumably indicates the number of miles from the southern end of the Erewash Canal at Trent Lock.
Straight Run

From the post it's virtually a straight run apart from a slight deviation at the end into the Basin. Here there is a single bird swimming in the canal with what looks like another flying immediately above. This is actually an optical illusion as it could also resemble a flying fish but actually it was a piece of plastic detritus caught in the branches.
Narrow Boat

As we continued along the towpath I had a "Railway Children" moment and waved to a couple on an approaching boat. At my request they responded with a wave of their own but their arms had gone down by the time I'd pressed the shutter release.
Under Derby Road

Welcome SignCromford Canal SignAs the canal turns to enter the Great Northern Basin it passes under the bridge carrying Derby Road between Langley Mill and Eastwood where a welcome sign (left) greets all visitors travelling along the canal. Of more historical interest is another sign under the bridge proclaiming the Cromford Canal was engineered by William Jessop and Benjamin Outram in 1794.
Great Northern Basin

Seen here from Derby Road, entry to the Cromford Canal and the Great Northern Basin is facilitated by the Langley Mill Lock. The Basin marks the end of the navigable section of the Erewash/Cromford Canal network northwards from the River Trent although a charitable organisation, the Friends of Cromford Canal, have long held aims to restore the 14.5 mile Cromford Canal to its former glory.

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