Ilkeston - Two Events
w/e 30 March 2014
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Erewash MuseumPark CemeterySometimes it's head-scratching time thinking of somewhere different to go each week for a selection of photos. At other times there are so many events that it is difficult to know which to choose. On Saturday there were two events close to home. At the Erewash Museum (left) there was a"Spring Fayre" whilst the Friends of Park Cemetery (right) held a "Daffodil Tea". We went to both.

Museum Gardens

The event at the Erewash Museum promised lots of cute and cuddly creatures and furry friends from the White Post Farm and a van parked at the entrance showed that they had arrived. The focus of attention therefore was a gazebo which had been erected in the museum gardens.

The promise was fulfilled with a selection of animals that children (and adults too) were able to pick up and stroke under the guidance of their keepers.

There were a number of reptiles too in the gazebo including a bearded dragon who, according to a label on his container, had been named George. Bearded dragons live mainly in Australia, eat locusts and crickets and sometimes occasional vegetables. They live to about 10 years old and grow up to about 18 inches in length.

It has to be said that some of the animals were more cuddly than others although the rats, like this one of three visiting the museum, were attracting quite a bit of attention.

A lady with a thumping heart and trembling hands was brave enough with encouragement to hold this spider as she attempted to overcome her arachnophobia. The keeper pointed out that spiders not only have eight legs but also two arms at the front of their bodies.
Park Cemetery

The second event of the day was advertised with a large banner near the gates and the Friends of Park Cemetery were in attendance to open up the left hand chapel for their first event of 2014.

The event was advertised as a Daffodil Tea and home made cakes and hot and cold refreshments were available inside the chapel.

A small exhibition with photographs, leaflets and notes provided information about the work of the Friends who were on hand to talk about their plans for the future of the park and the chapels.

Work already done in the left hand chapel included the cleaning of the Minton tile floor which is well over a hundred years old.
Wall Detail

Close inspection of the walls though shows that damp has had a detrimental effect. The right hand chapel is in a particularly poor state of repair having been used by the council as a machine store room for several decades. It's a dozen years or more since the last funeral was conducted in the left hand chapel. The cemetery was opened in 1892 and the chapels which are now Grade II listed, built in 1910. Because of their listed status, it's going to need expert restoration and expensive work to bring the chapels back into good condition and the Friends of Park Cemetery who promote its general welfare, regularly hold fund raising activities.

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