Spondon - Locko Park
w/e 27 October 2013
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

There's already a set of images from Locko Park in the "Days Out" section of this site but they were captured in October a dozen years ago. Although we have walked through the estate several times since then, another collection of views is perhaps long overdue,

Entrance Drive

There's a small parking area for about six vehicles at the side of Locko Road between Spondon and Oakwood and we walked from there down the entrance drive into the estate.
South Lodge
At the end of the drive are pedestrian and vehicular gates with buildings either side of which this is one, The buildings are numbers 1 and 2 South Lodge.

From the Lodge a lane leads all the way through the estate to Dunnshill at Dale but we didn't go that far on this occasion. To the left of the lane the scenery can best be described as typical parkland - open expanses of grassland dotted with a variety of trees. Apparently because of the fine summer weather this year, the trees autumn colours are about two weeks late but whilst many of the trees are still green, the first signs of autumn colour are beginning to show,
Gated Bridge

The land to the right is very similar but here it slopes down to a small water course where it is crossed by a gated bridge before rising again to the horizon.
First Glimpse

The whole of the estate is private property and can be crossed only by way of permitted by-ways and pubic footpaths. Locko Hall is the centrepiece of the park and a first glimpse of it can be seen part way along the lane.
The Lake

As the Hall disappears behind the trees, the focus of our attention turned to the lake where the gentle slope of the lane levels out to pass along the edge of the water.
Waterfowl Habitat

The lake is a lovely tranquil spot in the park and is a favourite spot for a variety of waterfowl, the specks on the grass on the far side of the lake being a flock of Canada Geese.
Lakeside Lane

The lane passes all along the southern side of the kidney shaped lake and in the past we have seen cattle or horses grazing on the hillside overlooking the lake. This time though no livestock was present.
Locko Hall

We walked along the lane until we were able to get a good view of Locko Hall, Although this, like the park, is privately owned, the Grade II listed building does host weddings and corporate events. Whilst looking up information about Locko, I referred to my copy of "The King's England" for Derbyshire first published in 1937 from which the following is an extract.

"Here was born in 1830 Sir Drury Drury-Lowe, the famous soldier who served in the Crimea .... and received the surrender of Arabi Pasha. ... But two centuries before him Henry Gilbert, builder of the chapel at Locko Hall ... brought home as his bride one of the three daughters of Sir John Bernard. who had been brought up by his second wife Elizabeth, only child of Shakespeare's daughter Susanna."
The Way Back

More information about the history of the estate is available at Wikipedia and the Locko Park Estate website but having enjoyed our walk to the lake we returned up the lane and back to the car.

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