Ilkeston - "Love Your Local Market"
w/e 26 May 2013
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

When I added the Ilkeston Markets page to Ilkeston Cam in November 2007, Christmas was approaching and I included a picture of the Victorian market held when the festive lights were switched on. There was also an image of a Continental market in Bath Street but both of these were "one off" events for special occasions. There were however pictures of the regular markets but since then there have been a number of changes. The Farmers' market has fallen by the wayside and whilst the town still holds three markets each week, there have been some significant changes there too.

Erewash Borough Council no longer erects the stalls and the layout of the Thursday and Saturday markets is not as consistent as it used to be. The number of Saturday traders has diminished but this has been compensated by the Thursday market which s beginning to rival the Saturday market as the town's main market day. The Thursday Flea market where second hand goods were sold, like the Farmers' Market has also disappeared. The Friday Market was always a smaller affair altogether and attended by only a handful of traders. Although the number of traders has fallen, some of them have migrated from the Lower Market Place to outside the Town Hall.

Tracy's Socks & Underwear Stall

In response to the Mary Portas Review on High Streets, the National Association of British Market Authorities on behalf of the Markets Alliance began the national "Love Your Local Market" campaign in 2012 and special events are being held at markets all over the country between May 15th and May 29th in 2013.

As part of the campaign Erewash Council organised some free fun activities at the Saturday markets in both Long Eaton and Ilkeston. Last week's events in Ilkeston included street entertainers including stilt walkers Stilt WalkersBouncy Castle(left), free face painting, a Punch and Judy show and a children’s fairground ride whilst Long Eaton's attractions were a Rodeo Bull ride and Surfboard simulator plus a bouncy castle. This week the activities switched locations and Ilkeston's were set up outside the library (right) but they were all intended to help raise shoppers’ awareness of the value and variety offered by markets.

Apart from the stilt walkers and the last image in this selection all of the pictures on this page were captured at Ilkeston's Thursday market including the title image which shows Tracy serving customers at her sock and underwear stall.


I caught Anthony serving a customer too at Chapman's Bakery stall where a variety of breads, cakes and pastries are available. And as a bonus if you want to know how many days there are to Christmas or to when the nights start to draw in again, Anthony can tell you exactly that without hesitation!

There's always plenty of seasonal colour at Dave's cut flower stall but as you can see Dave was dressed for the British weather in the middle of May.

More flowers and plants were being sold by Matt from the Leen Valley Plants' site but these were of the grow-at-home variety rather than cut flowers.

Many of the traders attend both the Thursday and Saturday markets but Barry with his high quality at reasonable prices menswear is only here on Thursdays. Barry too was dressed for our spring weather.

Offering fashionable clothing for ladies is Neena who is one of the traders who we see twice a week and whose Thursday stall is opposite Barry's.
Steve's Pick-N-Mix

Right in the middle of the market, Steve has two sides to his business selling cakes from one and Pick-N-Mix sweets from the other.
Steven's Pet Foods

Another Steven stands nearby with a large selection of goods and food for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Richard from Cock Orchard, the egg man, also has produce of varying sizes and as well as the normal hens' eggs, duck eggs are often available too.

All sorts of goods are available at the market from perfume to DVDs; CDs to craft goods; hardware to books; food to flowers; double glazing to mobile scooters and many more such as men's and women's clothing including Rav who has a large selection of casual menswear.

There are several stalls at the various markets throughout the week selling fruit and vegetables but this final image is from the Saturday market and shows Ian busy at work in his regular spot near the Cenotaph.

Market traders in Ilkeston turn up and stand in all weathers as this week has already proved and market days are the busiest days of the week which only goes to prove that we already "Love Our Local Market" and hope it will go with this campaign from strength to strength.

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