Wollaton Hall - Home Of Super Heroes
w/e 19 August 2012
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The recently released Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" was partially filmed in Wollaton Park at Nottingham with the Hall being the backdrop as Wayne Manor, home of the Super Hero.

Tree-Lined Drive

Unlike Batman, we walked into the park and up one of the tree-lined long drives from Wollaton village. I noticed the label on this particular tree and thought it may have something to do with the warty-like protuberance near its base but the label had faded and the projection appeared to be where a long gone branch had been removed.

The trees obscured views of the Hall for much of the way and we followed the path between it and the Industrial Museum passing several A-boards on the way each one bearing a Batman-like logo depicting the Hall.
Formal Garden

We followed the path through a gated narrow passage and entered the formal garden area where a couple of park workers were busily tending the flower beds.

We walked to the edge of the formal garden to view the distant lake where aroma-ography or smelly-vision would have been useful for you to enjoy the scent of the lavender along with us.
Colourful Flower Beds

Turning back into the formal garden we headed for the Camellia House admiring the colourful flower beds set in the carefully manicured lawns.
Camelia House

The Camellia House is the oldest cast iron glasshouse in Europe. On a previous visit to Wollaton I captured an image similar to the above through the glass but I think this is the first time I have visited the park and been able to see the Camellia House from the inside.
Flower Border

Path To HallSide of HallPausing only to admire the borders around the Camellia House - (why don't mine look like this?) - we left the formal garden following a path (left) at the side of the glasshouse to reach what many people regard as the rear of the Hall although originally this was the main entrance. We walked all around the Hall (right) to today's main entrance which was originally the "tradesmen's entrance".
Industrial Museum

Passing in front of the Grade 1 Listed Elizabethan mansion we descended by the old coach road to the former stable block, home of the Nottingham Industrial Museum. The temporary gazebo on the grass had a display about wildlife in urban areas.
Swallow Chicks

CourtyardCourtyardHaving unexpectedly met a neighbour from Ilkeston near the Hall we were told of some wildlife in a passage leading into the courtyard (left & right) in the Industrial Museum. High in the rafters of the passage was a swallow's nest and three chicks looking down. With the parent birds flitting about we left them in peace and moved on to make our way home just as the rain started.
Sheltering Deer

Taking a lead from the resident deer in the park we took shelter under the canopy of one of the trees near the driveway we had walked along when entering the park but it was only a short sharp shower of about five minutes and we were soon able to make our way home to find there had been no rain in Ilkeston at all. So no rain in Ilkeston and no sign of Batman at Wollaton either and the closest thing to Batman's accomplice Robin? Well that would have to be the swallow chicks!

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