Nottingham - Food & Drink Festival
w/e 08 July 2012
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Many events planned for this weekend were postponed, curtailed or cancelled due to the atrocious weather conditions that have caused flooding all over the country. The Nottingham Food and Drink Festival which ran from Wednesday until Sunday was one such event that suffered on Friday but was back in full swing on Saturday afternoon despite a nearby thunderstorm.

Old Market Square

The Festival, which is now in its fourth year, was staged in the Old Market Square where about forty stalls were erected to showcase both local and regional food and drink and which were occupied by a variety of local restaurants, bars and other food and drink outlets.
Water Feature

Despite the rain and floods of Friday, younger members in the Old Market Square found the water feature just as much of an attraction as the Food and Drink Festival.
Leaking Wall

In any other part of the country following the wettest June on record a sight like this with water leaking from a wall would be a cause for concern but here in Nottingham, this is an integral part and a design point of the water feature.

Seated near the water feature was a large number of people that are best described as listeners.

The crowd was in fact listening to a group of entertainers at this end of the stalls in the Old Market Square.
Mem Saab

Queues formed at many of the stalls to sample the food on offer including this one run by Mem Saab, an Indian Restaurant that was named 'Runner Up Best Restaurant 2011' by the Observer Food Awards.
Sushi & Coke

There were also queues at Yo Sushi to sample their wares and that was where I saw East meeting West with this picture of sushi and Coke on the counter.
Ale House

At any other event a marquee where alcoholic beverages were served would be called a Beer Tent but right in the middle of the Old Market Square the same configuration had been given an upmarket name and was called the Festival Ale House. Beer Tent or Ale House, the name made little difference and proved to be popular for the sampling of a selection of locally produced real ales.
Standing Audience

Also popular was an area in front of the Council House where a teepee-like structure with open sides was full of people watching a cookery demonstration. Those who could not get into the structure stood around in groups to watch. The area was called the "Demonstration Theatre" and featured a number of demonstrations and master classes throughout the Festival.
Dennison & Fox

Some of those events were hosted by TV celebrity chef Richard Fox who was in attendance on Saturday afternoon (with microphone) together with BBC Radio Nottingham's Mark Dennison (wearing headset) for a cooking challenge.

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