Ilkeston - Four Days In May
w/e 13 May 2012
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It was one of those weeks where I had nowhere specific in mind and the changeable weather conditions with plenty of rain forecast meant walks in the countryside did not seem all that attractive.


Although this picture from Wednesday appears to be in the countryside, it is actually close to the town centre. The open green space where dandelions were making a valiant effort to take over lies between Chaucer Infant School to the left and the Junior School to the right. Just beyond the fence is Chalons Way (see the street lights) and the tower of St Mary's Church is visible above the trees on the right.
Erewash Valley Trail

On Thursday we went a little further afield and took a ride out to a car park alongside the Nottingham Canal between Trowell and Cossall. Looking back towards Ilkeston over the recently erected information board detailing the route of the Erewash Valley Trail, a 30 mile route on both sides of the valley, the predominant colour of the landscape was again yellow but this was a rape seed crop and not dandelions.
Over The Fields

I walked a little way along the canal towpath and over the rape fields Ilkeston and St Mary's Church tower could again be seen. I retraced my steps when it started to rain but on the other side of the canal the undulating land rising up to Trowell Moor (left) is the subject of a planning application (right) to turn it into an opencast mine. There is likely to be strong opposition from local groups and residents who consider the plans amount to rape of the landscape of an entirely different nature.
Old Ticket Box

By Friday the weather had started to improve but by the time I took a walk around the Rutland Sports Park in the evening sunshine it was turning cold again. Despite numerous signs on buildings and boards around the ground, most locals would still refer to it as "The Rec." and the old name still figures on the disused ticket box at the end of Oakwell Drive. When Derbyshire played County Cricket matches here I remember queues forming to pass through here to gain access to the ground.
The Rec.

Nowadays County Cricket is no longer played here and access to the ground is more open. Developments to the ground in recent years which also included the name change, resulted in an indoor tennis centre to the left and a gym and fitness centre opposite. Beyond that there is an athletics track, jumping and throwing area and an all weather football pitch that can also be used for ball games requiring smaller courts.
Cricket Training

I walked around the rec to the other side and, now with the tennis centre on the right, as the shadows lengthened I looked back across the cricket pitch towards the old pavilion were there was a great deal of activity as youngsters were put through their paces learning the finer points of the game and having lots of fun in the process.
Tulip Bed

I left the rec to return to Oakwell Drive and by the entrance was this bed of purple tulips and pansies looking wonderful in the evening light.
Motorcycle Day

On Saturday the sun shone just as brightly but by the afternoon when we visited the Erewash Museum for the Motorcycle Day event it was feeling much warmer. Bikers on machines of all ages had turned up and it was "standing room only" in the grounds of the museum, so much so in fact, that several bikes had to be parked outside.
Bikes In A Line

The bikes were lined up on the paths and on the lawns and large numbers of non-bikers also turned up to inspect and discuss the lovingly tended machines.
Popular Event

This is just a small selection of the motorbikes and the people present at what must be one of the museum's most popular events.

So from the dark skies early in the week to the sunshine at the end, these are just some of the sights to be seen in and around Ilkeston in just four days in May.

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