Ilkeston & Dale Abbey - 10th Anniversary
w/e 19 February 2012
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The ilkcam domain name was registered towards the end of 2001 but the first pages uploaded to Ilkeston Cam did not appear until February 2002. The first page for the week ending 17th February included pictures from the town centre and the Pewit Golf Course and the following week there were half a dozen images from Dale Abbey. For the images on this page a decade later, I decided to revisit some of the same locations and try to capture similar images to see if the ten year interval had made much difference. Although taken with a different camera and in different weather conditions I tried as near as possible to recreate the same views - you can see the 2002 images for comparison by clicking the links below which will open in new tabs or windows.
Ilkeston - The Market & Pewit Golf Course - - - - - - Dale Abbey - The Village

Market Day

In 2002 Ilkeston had a thriving and busy Saturday market but since then the economic climate and changes enforced by local government decisions have conspired to diminish the number of market traders and the number of stalls. A small market is still held on Fridays and the popularity of the Thursday market when this image was captured appears to be on the up and it is now almost as well attended as the Saturday market. Despite the cold and foggy weather ten years ago, the flower bed around the Cenotaph was displaying much more colour than can be seen today after a comparatively mild winter.
Refreshments Alfresco

It was much too cold in 2002 for anyone to be sitting at the tables adjacent to the refreshment stall outside the Town Hall but this year that was not the case. The small coal wagon being used as a flower tub has long since disappeared though and the uniform council owned covers on the market stalls have been replaced by an assortment owned by the stall holders themselves.
South Street

At first glance little seems to have changed in this view down South Street since 2002 but closer inspection reveals several subtle differences. Traffic priorities at the Coronation Street junction have changed and the pedestrian crossing has been moved closer to the camera but irrespective of its position, people still cross the road wherever they think fit! One of the telephone kiosks has been removed and the remaining one now stands at an angle just like that famous tower in Pisa. The old Post Office building in its recent past has housed a restaurant and in 2002 was a building society but is currently a public house trading as The Charter.
Pewit Golf Course

The rest of the images on that first page were taken on the Pewit Golf Course and here I reveal the secret of how I figured out the approximate place to stand to recreate similar pictures. Armed with a set of prints I lined up the shot through the viewfinder before moving my left hand and pressing the shutter. Or as in this case press the shutter release first.
Pruned Trees

This present day view on the golf course is very similar to its predecessor although comparison of the trees appears to show more growth ten years ago than now so they have obviously been pruned in the interim.
Triangular Island

The second set of images ten years ago all came from Dale Abbey and the same cannot be said of the trees there where they have added some significant growth but the thing I noticed first was the absence of crocuses on the triangular island. It took a little longer for me to notice however that a seat now surrounds the tree in the middle of the island.
Listed Buildings

It would take far more than ten years for any significant change to be seen in the Manor House and Abbey Cottage as they are incorporated into the stonework of the ruins of the Abbey and are protected as listed buildings.
Dale Abbey

In the view of the Abbey ruins from the lane around the corner from Abbey Cottage I was surprised when comparing with the image from 2002 that the boundary around the burial ground on the right appeared to be a hedge whereas today it is a stone wall. Old pictures clearly show the wall has been there for many, many years - see here and here for example - so I'm assuming that in the 2002 image the wall was obscured by the greenery which has since been removed.
Carpenters Arms

The final image from Dale ten years ago showed the ivy clad Carpenters Arms and today the view is pretty much the same except that the pub is even more covered with ivy and the trees show an extra decade's growth. The keen eyed will also notice the public footpath signpost on the left.
Background View

To complete this set of images is another that has been more or less constant since Ilkeston Cam's inception and has formed the background to all the other images. Taken from the footbridge over Chalons Way the Bennerley Viaduct is the main feature in the distance.

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