Ilkeston - Manners Link
w/e 10 April 2011
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Manners Link

It's only a short distance along King George Avenue from Victoria Park to the Rutland Recreation Ground but there is an alternative route by way of a former railway line that runs from Manners Avenue to West End Drive and this is the start at the Manners Avenue end. The route in the opposite direction leads to Heanor Road and the whole length is called the Manners Link.
Shady Path

This quiet shady path is now a popular route with many people but less than fifty years ago it would have rattled to the noise of steam engines as they picked up speed on the old LNER line from Ilkeston to Derby. Today the path leads between the housing on the left (with a school further on) and the Manners Industrial Estate to the right.

The only thing speeding along the route this afternoon though were a variety of butterflies that settled from time to time to soak up the warm spring sunshine. Our senses were given an additional treat here with the smell of freshly baked bread from a unit on the industrial estate.

As well as the butterflies, spring is apparent in a number of other ways including the trees that are bursting into life with new growth. I'm no expert but could this be a maple? It was near here that the railway line was once crossed by a footbridge that gave access to allotments via a footpath from Drummond Road and Victoria Park.

Daffodils are still flowering profusely all over the place but this small clump was the only sighting of them along the path. Look closely and you will also see a couple of tulips. These flowers could possibly be remnants from the allotments but nearby on the other side of the path a small area has been planted with a variety of shrubs and flowers near the access to a new housing estate so an overflow from there seems a more likely explanation.

About halfway along the path a branch line to Stanton Ironworks met the main railway line and a signal box stood nearby. Quite naturally the position was named on old maps as Stanton Junction. The Manners Link now follows the route of the branch line and with the blossom to the left, the signs of the season continue.
Golf Course

Across the Pewit Municipal Golf Course to the right more blossom is visible in the distance. The peace was disturbed only by the sound of mowers as workers tended the greens and the fairways and the occasional thwack as a lone golfer proceeded round the course.
West End Drive

The Manners Link ends at West End Drive which long ago before the houses were built was called Pimlico Lane running all the way from the Market Place.
Recreation Ground

Opposite the houses on West End Drive is the lower part of the recreation ground (the rec) or, as the powers that be now like to call it, the Rutland Sports Park.
Bowling Green

Our final image is from the opposite end of the rec near Oakwell Drive and this view of the bowling green which is looking in exceptionally good condition at the moment ready for the matches that will be played here in the coming months.

For a few images of the Manners Link in the opposite direction between Manners Avenue and Heanor Road see the Ilkeston Town Walk Part 25.

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