2010 - Backwards & Forwards
w/e 02 January 2011
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Can it really be a year since I last sat to review the previous twelve months? It doesn't seem that long ago but when I started to look at some of the places we have visited and some of the images I captured, I have to admit that many from the early part of 2010 had slipped in my memory and seemed to date from much further back. This selection of images is of course a personal choice and none of them have appeared on the "Latest Images" page previously but this look back at 2010 may also stimulate some of your memories and also provide me with some ideas for the future.

Erewash Canal in JanuaryThe year started in similar fashion to how it ended with plenty of snow on the agenda. This image on the left came from a short walk in wintry conditions along the Erewash Canal primarily for a picture for the Ilkeston Cam Blog. I resolved to take a photo each day during 2010 and post it to the blog but had no idea at the time whether I would be able to keep it up or whether it would end up like many more New Year resolutions and be broken within days. I can now report that I did in fact manage to complete the challenge but have resolved this year not to be so silly again as at times it has been quite a burden.

January also saw a number of snowy images on the website, first of all with a walk along Rutland Street in the First Impressions series followed by another walk in bitterly cold conditions around Dale Abbey. The third week of January saw a milestone birthday for me and I relived my youth by visiting some old haunts around Ilkeston. The final week of the month took us to Derby and the start of a major new series discovering the heritage and history of the city. This continued on a monthly basis through the year and as well as looking backwards to the areas already visited it reminds me that there is still a lot more to be discovered in the city and at the current rate of progress there will be at least enough to keep us going throughout 2011 and possibly 2012 too.

February SnowIn a poll at the end of 2009 I had asked visitors to the site to vote for places they would like to see and a series of "Country Walks" came high in the results so for the first three weeks in February I featured the Cranfleet Trail at Long Eaton. I finished the month with the second part of the Derby Heritage Walk focussing on Irongate but we were reminded that winter was not yet over by another fall of snow around the 21st which left Ilkeston looking white all over for a number of days. The winter of 2009/10 was the harshest for a number of years but the early start to the current winter may relegate that one into second place.

March Crocuses

By March however we were on the lookout for spring flowers and found them in abundance in the local parks. Another walk in the country took us around Cossall Village on the Dragonfly Trail whilst our regular Derby visit was to the Cathedral Centre. The Mercian Regiment paraded through Ilkeston in March following their return from active duty in Afghanistan and on the 17th we joined crowds of people in Nottingham to witness the St Patrick's Day Parade.
Royal April

A couple of weeks later we were back in Derby for the first of two visits in the month and on this first one we were again among jostling crowds when the Queen visited the cathedral for the Maundy Thursday service. Our second visit enabled us to enter the cathedral itself and see some of the interesting features therein. With Easter falling in April, there was the Christian Walk of Witness in Ilkeston and while the rest of the month on the website was made up with a walk from Straw's Bridge Nature Reserve to Kirk Hallam along the Nutbrook Trail and back via the Nut Brook and Kirk Hallam Lake.
May Coalition

The big national event of May was the General Election but have to admit that the coalition of the Conservative blue and the Liberal Democrat yellow was the last thing on my mind when I captured this Iris in our garden. Flowers were also much in evidence at the Methodist Church at West Hallam during their Flower Festival but a scarcity of other events in the month meant we were able to add a couple of parts to the First Impressions series as we progressed a little further along Station Road. A walk around Mapperley Reservoir and our regular visit to Derby provided images for the remainder of the five week month.
June Swans

Events were far more plentiful in June and included the Hospital Bed Push up Bath Street, an exhibition at the Stanton Regeneration Site, the circus came to town, the Tree Trail in Victoria Park was relaunched, a fire destroyed a listed building between Ilkeston and Trowell and symbols of national pride appeared everywhere in support of the England team competing (sorry, that should be "taking part", they didn't "compete") in the World Cup. Images of the World Cup Fever sufficed for one week in the month though and our Carnival filled another. A selection of random summer images like the one above made three and need I mention the fourth? - Derby!
uly Parrot

In July we uncovered a gem in the Millennium Garden in the grounds of Nottingham's University, began a new Village Trail series around Jacksdale and Westwood and returned to West Hallam for the Well Dressings and Scarecrow Trail. We crossed the Derwent in Derby to the east side of the river and on a Saturday in the middle of the month the Midsummer Happening took place in Victoria Park where classic cars and rescued parrots were among the attractions.
August Museum

Over the course of the year, we visited the Erewash Museum a number of times for various exhibitions, displays and musical events. Earlier in the year we saw gardeners planting begonias in the flower beds and in July on another visit we enjoyed the fruits of their labours when the flowers were in bloom. At the end of the month we were back for a Bank Holiday concert in the gardens by Ilkeston Brass. There was also the Hospital Garden Party and in another five week month our Latest Images came not only from Jacksdale and Derby but also from Alport Heights in Derbyshire and more from Station Road in the First Impressions series. We began a three part Country Walk under the title of "A Walk In The Clouds".
September Footprints

As well as our walk in the clouds around Sandiacre, Stanton By Dale and Risley, September was also the month when I did a fair bit of walking in the Autumn Footprints Festival although a selection of images from the walks did not appear on the site until October. Derby, Westwood and the "Clouds" accounted for the rest of September.
October FairThe main event in October of course was the Annual Charter Fair where this year we concentrated on the art work on the rides and attractions. As well as our usual suspects of Jacksdale and Derby, the five weeks of the month were filled with the Autumn Footprints images and the Fair. In October we saw the start of the preparations for Christmas too as men on cherry pickers began the erection of the Christmas lights although repairs to the balcony on the Town Hall meant the final pieces in the jigsaw didn't get completed until just before the switching on ceremony towards the end of November.

Novemeber Snow

November gave us all a shock to the system when the first snow of the winter arrived and a severe cold spell ensued. With a harsh winter last year, an indifferent summer and an early start to this winter the most unbelievable news of the year came with the announcement that 2010 has been the warmest year on record. Adopting my Victor Meldrew persona "I don't believe it!" Early in the month though before the snows came, I did capture some wonderful autumn colours in Ilkeston and a few more at Jacksdale as the short-lived Village Trail there came to an end. Our Heritage Walk in Derby brought us back over the Derwent from the Little Chester area and a cold and foggy day on Station Road saw us proceed a little further towards the town centre.

December SnowmanWe're now almost up to date and as the snow continued through most of December, the first two weeks presented wintry images from a walk along the Nutbrook Trail and then in Victoria Park. A trip to Nottingham proved a disappointment so it was a selection of Christmas images in Ilkeston that made up the third week of the month before our final part for this year from the Derby Heritage Walk. As I mentioned earlier, 2010 has been the year of the blog and throughout Advent I added a daily image of something connected to the season. Now at the end of the year, it's not one that I would call vintage but we've survived it and can do nothing about the past.

As well as looking backwards at 2010, it is also time to look forwards to 2011 and ponder our plans for the future. There will of course be more from Derby at the end of each month and I hope to share some more Country Walks with you. I might even start another Village Trail and we will be covering the usual events like Easter, Well Dressings, Carnivals, Fairs and any other regulars we can get to. Much the same as in previous years in fact but we hope you'll join us each week and, God willing, it won't be long before I'm sitting here again reflecting on 2011 and looking forward to 2012. Our hope for the year ahead is that it will be a better one for all of us so here's wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous twelve months.

The series mentioned on this page can be found in the Special Features, Archives or Favourites page for 2010 which can all be accessed from the links below.

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