Ilkeston - Through Victoria Park
w/e 12 December 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

By this weekend most of the snow had melted away but midweek, successive daytime thaws and temperatures well below freezing overnight had conspired to make the compacted snow and ice on the pavements a hazardous place for pedestrians. The safest place was either on the main roads - the side roads had not been cleared - or on alternative routes where there had been less footfall.

Drummond Road

New Lawn RoadVictoria Park entranceOn Thursday we opted for a route that took in both those options as we walked in the road along New Lawn Road (left) to the Victoria Park entrance (right) at the junction of Bristol Road and Drummond Road. Drummond Road (above) was one of those roads that had not been treated and as the pavements on both roads were very icy, the safest route was through the snow in the park itself.
In Victoria Park

Across from the houses on Drummond Road the snow in the park was some five or six inches deep and although it was obvious that many people had walked on it, it had not been compressed into ice and each step was made with a distinctive crunch as we headed towards the bandstand.
Rose Arbour

The main paths in the park had been cleared earlier in the week but were covered again with a light dusting of snow and frost. Plants could be seen on the rose arbour but in these sub-zero temperatures it was difficult to picture roses flowering on the structure ever again.
Raised Beds

The shape of the grassed area in the middle of the park could easily be made out and the three humps were not piles of snow but the positions of the raised flower beds.
To Manners Road

This was the view in the opposite direction to the previous image showing the path to Manners Road.
The Duke Oak

We continued along another path though but looking back the Duke Oak even without its leaves still stood out as a majestic tree.
Bowling Green

This path took us past the bowling green although in this weather, the bowling white might be a better description.
Way Out

From the bowling green it was just a short walk out of the park to Bristol Road and Manners Road where we continued on our merry way walking on the road again.

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