Ilkeston - Autumn Leaves
w/e 07 November 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Park Drive

We are well and truly into autumn now and although there are still plenty to fall parts of Park Drive are already ankle deep in leaves.
Chalons Way

Many travellers along Chalons Way will have noticed the changing colours but they are perhaps best appreciated from a static position on the footbridge over the road. If you think this image looks familiar you are probably thinking of the background image to Ilkeston Cam that was taken at a different time of the year from a similar position and can also be seen here as a jigsaw puzzle.

The four trees outside the Albion Centre on Bath Street are still full of leaf but appear to be changing colour in turn - oranges and browns nearest the camera but still green further away.
Queens Drive

With one exception on the left all the trees on Queens Drive seem to be forming a golden avenue to the Recreation Ground.
Recreation Ground

And in the more exposed position on the Rec, there are as many leaves on the ground as there are left on the trees. The grass on the cricket pitch is looking lush but on the former putting green to the left, it appears to have suffered from having the showmen's vehicles for the Annual Charter Fair parked on it recently.
Copper Beech

It is only a short walk from the Rec to Victoria Park and although the rose arbour looks a little sparse at this time of year, the Copper Beech near the entrance presents an imposing introduction.
Victoria Park

Victoria Park, seen here from Drummond Road really is the jewel in the town's crown when it comes to autumn colour and the large variety of species is reflected in the number of different shades and hues of the leaves.
Market Place

On the Market Place, the council workmen have been busy, for unlike Camelot where the leaves fall in neat little piles to be blown away overnight, here they are collected, bagged and removed to be composted (hopefully). "Leaves" of course has more than one meaning and if used as a verb rather than a noun, we know that as autumn leaves, then winter enters.

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