Ilkeston - A Random Week
w/e 06 June 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I had no definite aim or theme this week so this collection of images are just a few captured at random in various locations around the town on several different days during the week.


A few years ago we planted a handful of aquilegias in our back garden but they have spread and multiplied and have sprung up all over the garden. We even have three colours now, white, pink and this pretty purple variety captured in the sunshine last Sunday.

Another plant that spreads without much encouragement is Anthriscus sylvestris or as we more commonly know it, Cow Parsley. It has virtually taken over the old segment of St Mary's churchyard that is separated from the church by Chalons Way and is seen here on Bank Holiday Monday from the footbridge over the road.
Erewash Canal

Tuesday was a washout with rain nearly all day but on Wednesday morning a short walk across Wash Meadow (Johnny's) provided ample opportunity for a few more shots starting with a tranquil scene of the Erewash Canal. With St Mary's church in the town centre on the horizon, the still water in the canal doubled the vista with almost unbroken reflections.
Wash Meadow

Over the canal bridge and a few steps along the path through Johnny's, the undulating ground and the view between the trees could almost lead you into thinking that you were out in the countryside somewhere with a lone cottage in the distance but the housing leading up to the town centre beyond and traffic on Millership Way behind soon dispel all those thoughts.
Early Bird

Neither the traffic nor our presence however seemed to distract this bird from doing its best to confirm that the early bird catches the worm. At first we thought it could have been a Thrush but now believe it to be a Redwing which is also a member of the Thrush family. Thrush or Redwing, it certainly had a good breakfast in store.
Summer Rose

All week we had been keeping a watchful eye on the roses in our front garden and by Friday, this one had the distinction of being the first to open this summer.
Daisy Bank

It would be hard to pinpoint though which of these large daisy type flowers was the first to open this year as there was a whole bank of them between Chalons Way and the footpath leading from the Erewash Museum to Chaucer Old Park ('Illy 'Oleys). Like the rose, they were also seen on Friday.
Biggest Tree

And on 'Illy 'Oleys itself, there is a splendid display of the usual smaller daisies but it was the large majestic tree looking resplendent in its summer foliage that dominated the scene. This is probably the biggest tree on the park and even without leaves is always a sight to behold. Looking at some of the other nearby trees we're just grateful the tree surgeons haven't been let loose on it.

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